台北北投新開幕 W Hotel 姐妹大飯店:在奢華飯店A Loft享受高貴不貴的貴婦海洋系列的夢幻雙人下午茶,殘編少女心爆發!食材先讓殘編「軟掉」,又逼我「深喉」最後再高潮噴啦!/ Enjoy an Accessible Luxury Afternoon Tea Set Date at the Newly Opened A-Loft Luxury Hotel Beitou, Taipei – a Sister Hotel of the Plush W Hotel Taipei!

台北W Hotel 新開姐妹奢華大飯店:北投雅樂軒酒店 Aloft WXYZ Bar享受高貴不貴的雙人下午茶套餐只要$799,好吃到先讓殘編「軟掉」,又逼我「深喉」最後再高潮噴啦!

(Scroll down for English version:英文版向下看👇)


台北W Hotel 新開姐妹奢華大飯店:北投雅樂軒酒店 Aloft WXYZ Bar享受高貴不貴的雙人下午茶套餐只要$799,好吃到先讓殘編「軟掉」,又逼我




The newly opened A Loft Hotel is the Luxury W Hotel’s sister hotel, enjoy an accessible luxury afternoon tea set at its WXYZ lobby bar for 2 persons for only $799nt!

The snacks are “limp” at first after making me “deep throat,” we eventually reach our food orgasm!

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(English version/ 英文版):

The newly opened A Loft luxury hotel in Beitou, Taipei is a sister hotel of the plush W Hotel: The newly launched Ocean themed dreamy afternoon tea set for 2, priced at only $799 NT provides accessible luxury where you can take your girl out on a date, even if you’re broke (and hey, maybe even get lucky tonight :p)

萬豪旗下的A Loft 大飯店W HOTEL的姐妹品牌,同樣強調”潮”的設計感,殘編美國旅行時曾住過,當時還有眼不識泰山,以為是三星級的小旅館,但最近近在台北北投也開了一家,還主打超好拍照IG打卡的三層夢幻下午茶,跑去吃才赫然發現這間已是全世界第122家、亞洲第22家Aloft,更是台北市北投區第一家國際連鎖酒店品牌。

(English version/ 英文版):

Marriott‘s A Loft Hotel is a sister brand of W Hotel, a favorite stay for business travelers and younger businessmen who claim themselves “second generations. It is known for its trendy and chic design catered to younger generations and its hotel parties. I stayed at a few of A-Loft’s locations while traveling to the States but since Mr. Pinokio ( a character in my “Road Trip to Recovery” book, pre-order now: roadtriptorecoverybook@gmail.com ) took care of the booking, I always thought it was just a business hotel at 3-star max. Turns out, ALoft has rapidly expanded to 122 location worldwide with its new location in Taipei Beitou being the 22nd in Asia and also serves an accessible three-tiered dreamy and super Instagrammable afternoon tea . ALoft is the first international hotel chain brand in Beitou District.

ALoft 是台灣第一家取得LEED新建築 (LEED – NC)的國際連鎖酒店,進門左手邊有悅耳的細細流水聲,館內空間更是寬敞,1樓櫃檯與酒吧空間採整面的落地窗讓人ㄧ進門就心情寬敞、舒適。大廳的WXYZ酒吧W Hotel 設計感一致,都是用很「潮」的鮮艷顏色,還附設一桌鮮紅色的撞球檯。

(English version/ 英文版):

ALoft is the first international hotel chain in Taiwan to acquire the LEED-NC ( a certificate for leadership for designing and building. Tunes of flowing water enlighten and sets a relaxing mood for guests upon arrival even before entering the building. After entering the hotel doors, a spacious lobby and the WXYZ lobby bar is designed in line with the trendy luxury W Hotel will full of bright colors and a red pool table. Floor to ceiling windows allow lots of natural lighting into the space, transporting guest to a beachside resort where they’re enjoying a fancy afternoon tea while sunbathing in a cabana.

ALoft WXYZ Bar 超值雙人下午茶套餐菜單 menu / A Loft WXYZ Lobby Bar Afternoon Tea Set Menu:

在奢華的四星級飯店享受充滿陽光、悠閑夢幻的雙人下午茶套餐,只要$799 ,連小資女都可裝貴婦

這次所推出的下午茶套餐採海洋主題的,點心以粉藍色系居多,剛好殘編又是海底世界超級粉絲,上菜時真的令人超想直奔淡水去跳海!寧可鋸斷下半身接上魚尾巴當一條「殘人魚」也不想當像現在ㄧ樣左身癱瘓的左撇子廢人 (開玩笑的啦!「小美人魚」艾薇兒Part of Your World 主題曲連腦殘的我都吧歌詞牢記在心裡呢!)

(English version/ 英文版):

The price for the promotion this time at ALoft’s WXYZ lobby bar is set at only $799 nt for 2, giving a hobo- gypsy like myself a chance to fake a trophy wife, yay!

The theme of the afternoon tea set promotion is “Undersea World,” which happens to be my favourite and gave me the urge to just run out to Tamsui and skinny dip, or just drown, even. It made me seriously think about my disability, and I came to a conclusion that being amputated the waist down and turn into a mermaid sounds much better than suffering from hemiparesis (just kidding, I know Ariel ( The Little Mermaid)’s “Part of Your World” lyrics by heart)

WXYZ Bar Summer Splash 下午茶套餐菜單 Menu / ALoft WXYZ Bar “Summer Splash” Afternoon Tea Set Menu:

WXYZ Bar Summer Splash 下午茶套餐菜單包含以下餐點:

英國Twingings 茶 / Twinings Tea

飲品可選英國Twingings 茶兩壺,咱們選了「晨光草原甘菊花茶」(Budding Meadow Camomile)跟「夏戀花果綠茶」 (Summer Berry Green Tea),「菊花茶」就是菊花茶的味道,殘編是覺得沒什麼特別的,可能就是適合失眠者放鬆用的吧!


(English version/ 英文版):

2 beverages are included in the set, including selections from England’s Twinings tea or coffee. We choose the “ Budding Meadow Camomile” tea and “Summer Berry Green Tea.” The Camomile tea just tastes like Camomile tea; the “Summer Berry Green Tea, however, has fruity aromas and we both love it.

  • ALoft飯店三層下午茶:底層

WXYZ Bar下午茶的底層為鹹食,有「蒜香海苔薯條」、「蛋沙拉普切塔 」「龍蝦沙拉洋芋塔」,中間層跟上層都是鮮甜甜點為主,有「珊瑚礁杯子磅蛋糕」、「貝殼馬卡龍-黑糖卡士達餡」、「椰子松露海灘球-巧克力蛋糕球」、「海星軟糖-熱帶水果風味軟糖」、「海洋魔方-芒果鳳梨棉花糖」、「海洋寶石-檸檬慕斯黑糖香緹」,以下殘編為您ㄧ一做介紹:

(English version / 英文版):

The bottom layer of WXYZ Bar’s afternoon special is composed of savoury hors d’oeuvres, including” seaweed French fries“, “egg salad Bruschetta“ and “lobster salad with potato tart”. The middle layer and the upper layer are mostly sweet desserts, including “Coral lemon pound cupcake,” “Shell Macaron,” “Coconut Beach Balls – Chocolate cake crispy ball,” “Starfish Soft Candy – Tropical Fruit Flavors”, “Blue Tesseract – Mango Pineapple Cotton candy,” “ Blur Gem – Lemon Mousse Brown Chantilly “, let me review them one by one for my valued readers❤️:

• 「蒜香海苔薯條」 / “Seaweed French Fries :

「蒜香海苔薯條」 /
「蒜香海苔薯條」 / “Seaweed French Fries :

• 薯條是美式較粗的那種,炸的酥脆,撒上海苔粉。殘編是胡椒控跟番茄醬控,所以就瘋狂灑,上桌時薯條還熱騰騰的所以要這個趁熱先吃,其中有幾條還長到可以練習「深喉」😂。吃下來覺得份量大,超滿足。

(English version / 英文版):

French fries are the on the thicker American style, fried to crispy and sprinkled with seaweed. I’m a pepper freak so I went crazy with them. One of the fries was even long enough to make me “deep throat” it. The serving is large and satisfying.

「龍蝦沙拉洋芋塔」/ “Lobster Salad with Potato Tart”:

ALoft Hotel Beitou WXYZ Bar afternoon tea set:
「龍蝦沙拉洋芋塔」/ “Lobster Salad with Potato Tart”

• 龍蝦沙拉是殘編覺得所有裡面最好吃的一道,上面灑有明太子,底層的塔屬於較軟型的,甚至不用刀子就可以切開,連殘編的殘手都可以直接用叉子單手吃(裝什麼淑女,明明一口就可以塞下嘴:p)

(English version / 英文版):

The lobster salad is my favourite dish among all. Lobster salad is prepared with potatoes and topped with mentaiko ( pollock roe). The bottom tart is soft and can be cut even with a fork alone with a single hand.I’m not a “lady” but hey, I don’t “swallow” either, sorry!

「蛋沙拉普切塔  / “Egg Salad Bruschetta”:

「蛋沙拉普切塔 」 /
「蛋沙拉普切塔  / “Egg Salad Bruschetta”:


(English version / 英文版):

This is just an egg salad prepared with potatoes on a bruschetta. The bruschetta is on the softer and chewier side compared to the tart of the “lobster salad with potato tart.” My once broken & weak jaw requires a bit of effort to tear it apart.

  • 「珊瑚礁杯子磅蛋糕」/ Coral Lemon Pound Cup Cake – Honey Chantilly, Pineapple Amber Candy, Chocolate Coral
/ Coral Lemon Pound Cup Cake - Honey Chantilly, Pineapple Amber Candy, Chocolate Coral
/ Coral Lemon Pound Cup Cake – Honey Chantilly, Pineapple Amber Candy, Chocolate Coral


(English version / 英文版):

This delightful cupcake is colorful made with natural ingredients; another snack that makes me want to jump into the sea for the coral reefs. Since my FE FE Death Day celebration is coming soon (RSVP for your spot now!), I shamelessly asked for a snorkel set for my “rebirthday” gift.

  • 「貝殼馬卡龍黑糖卡士達餡」 / “Shell Macaron”:
「貝殼馬卡龍-黑糖卡士達餡」 /
「貝殼馬卡龍黑糖卡士達餡」 / “Shell Macaron”



(English version / 英文版):

This Another dessert that makes me wonder if “flipping my fins” is faster than trying to move my paralyzed hand. Blue macaron is made with natural coloring with a layer of caramel cream thick enough to “creampie” a mouthful. The cream is also mixed with blueberry, creating a perfect balance of tart and sweet.

  • 「椰子松露海灘球巧克力蛋糕球」 / Coconut Beach Balls – Chocolate Cake Crispy Ball:
 Coconut Beach Balls - Chocolate Cake Crispy Ball
Coconut Beach Balls – Chocolate Cake Crispy Ball


(English version / 英文版):

This delicious ball is covered in white chocolate with 100% coconut filling. The freshness requires them to be eaten before the coating melts slowly. The Chinese menu translates as “ coconut truffle balls, though I don’t taste a trace of truffle, the 100% coconut filling does not cut corners!

  • 「海洋寶石 – 檸檬慕斯黑糖香堤」 / ”Blue Tesseract – Mango Pineapple Cotton Candy”:
「海洋寶石 - 檸檬慕斯黑糖香堤」 / ”Blue Tesseract - Mango Pineapple Cotton Candy”:
「海洋寶石 – 檸檬慕斯黑糖香堤」 / ”Blue Tesseract – Mango Pineapple Cotton Candy”:


  • 「海星軟糖熱帶水果風味軟糖」 / “Starfish Soft Candy – Tropical Flavours”:
「海星軟糖 - 熱帶水果風味軟糖」 /
「海星軟糖 – 熱帶水果風味軟糖」 / “Starfish Soft Candy – Tropical Flavours”

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