The ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) LIVE is in Toronto from May 4 – May 6! With the partnership of The Sutherland Supermodel Search 2012 to find their next Supermodel! The 3-day event features shopping, beauty makeovers, and live runway shows happening at 2 different stages: The Schwarzkopf Professional Main Stage and the Pandora Open Catwalk stage. The Schwarzkopf Professional Main Stage is where all the main performances and the Supermodel catwalks are happening. Including dance performances by T.D.O.T. (The Dancers of Toronto), So You Think You Can Dance Canada, TRiSH (Day 1 & Day 2), Danny Fernandes (Day 2) Karl Wolf (Day 3) and amazing catwalks by the ANTM All Stars models as well as the 12 finalists of The Sutherland Supermodel Search 2012.

The ATNM All Stars models are:
Lisa D’Amato (Winner), Isis King, Shannon Stewart, Bianca Golden, Alexandria Everett, Camille McDonald, Laura Kirkpatrick

The Top 12 Finalists are:
Rachel Allard – 5’9″, 14 years old
Emily Alexander – 5’11.5″, 17 years old
Thea Barnwell – 5’9″, 17 years old
Carol Brantnell – 5’9″, 18 years old
Brittany Bridges – 5’9″, 15 years old
Sarah Curd – 5’9″, 17 years old
Heather Kelsall – 5’10”, 15 years old
Evelyn Li – 5’9″, 19 years old
Taylor Reddi – 5’9.5″, 14 years old
Olivia Singh – 5’10”, 17 years old
Anna Stephenson – 5’10”, 15 years old
Taylor Treveaven – 5’9″, 20 years old

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