看到連咱們神算的柯P都親自大駕光臨,我不禁好奇的也來光顧這家打著英倫風招牌的Bagel Bagel Café Bar金牌特務地窖餐廳」。這裡一樓是一家青年旅館,餐廳門口在樓下,一樓看不到,因此我們開車經過兩次都沒發現餐廳的所在。「金牌特務」是近十年來,數一數二會讓我驚豔的經典大片之一(可能我從小就心懷為國家效力,當一名間諜的偉大夢想吧!)

English version:
Knowing that even our psychic Mayor Ko has recently paid his visit to Taipei’s Bagel Bagel Cafe & Bar, a restaurant known for its Kingsman English theme, I had to come to see it for myself. Kingsman happens to be one of the few of my favorite movies of the past decade. The restaurant is hidden behind Houze Hostel and located on B1. Thus it took us two rounds around the block to find it. 
Watch our video first:

Bagel Bagel Cafe & Bar Taipei Restaurant 金牌特務地窖餐廳
Bagel Bagel Cafe & Bar Taipei Raestaurant

Bagel Bagel Cafe & Bar 的入口位於B1, 沒有電梯。不確定是否能夠安全下樓的我,一看到印有金牌特務Huntsman 」英式字體的玻璃門,仿佛置身英國,手中的拐杖也好像變成金牌特務哈利.哈特的傘一般,賜給我力量。在好友的攙扶下,我加快跛腳步進入餐廳。一推開門,是復古的暖色系,與店內復古的家俱擺飾一樣。懷舊的英式櫃子和時鐘旁的酒桶陳列一瓶瓶店內的紅白酒與香檳。

There’s no elevator down. I start to worry about tripping my way down. Superpower hits me and my cane as soon as we see the words “Huntsman” in English font similar to the one in the movie at Kingsman Tailor printed on the glass door. I turn into Harry Hart, and my cane becomes his umbrella, a magical power gives us strength to walk faster into the restaurant to check out what more is waiting for us inside. 
The restaurant has a warm ambiance, with British vintage elements throughout. 
我們造訪時,Bagel Bagel 正好在慶祝他們的一週年慶,推出全新六人特製海陸分享套餐($3838)。我們剛好六個人,所以就點這道套餐。

We pass by the nostalgic British cabinets and a vintage clock and our group of 6 is seated in the middle of the venue. The bar beside us lined reads “Twinings,” makes one wonder what to order…

Bagel Bagel is celebrating their 1 year anniversary so we order their anniversary special set for 6($3838NT).



What’s included in the Special Set Menu for Six:

: We each get our own bowl of potato soup(daily soup) and a cup of coffee/tea. The rest is for share. 

  • 今日例湯(Daily Soup):


Bagel Bagel 六人特製海陸分享套餐 洋芋湯(今日例湯)
Bagel Bagel 六人特製海陸分享套餐 洋芋湯(今日例湯)


Our Daily Soup is potato soup, with a little bit of thickness from the potatoes

  • 綜合麵包盤 (Bread Plate)


Bread Plate is served after potato soup for dipping.

  • 伊比力豬頸肉蜂蜜檸檬油醋沙拉 (Iberian Pork Neck Salad with Honey Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing )
bagel bagel 伊比力豬頸肉蜂蜜檸檬油醋沙拉 Iberian Pork Neck Salad with Honey Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing
伊比力豬頸肉蜂蜜檸檬油醋沙拉 Iberian pork neck salad with honey lemon vinaigrette dressing


Iberian pork neck salad with honey lemon vinaigrette dressing is refreshing. with just enough Iberian pork to give the boring veggies a bit flavour and texture.

碳烤季節時蔬盤左羅曼克醬汁 (Grilled Seasonal Vegetable with Rromesco Sauce)
(Grilled Seasonal Vegetable with Rromesco Sauce)
  • 碳烤季節時蔬盤左羅曼克醬汁 (Grilled Seasonal Vegetable with Rromesco Sauce)



Next is Grilled Seasonal Vegetable with Rromesco Sauce:  

The portion of this plate is rather small. One guest asked :”is this for one?” But I tell you one bite’s enough to fill you up with its butter.

Whatever sauce that is, it tastes like pure butter, loads of butter that I have to order another full portion of salad to wash it down.

  • 炙烤季節海鮮盤 (Grilled Seasonal Seafood Platter):




The Grilled Seasonal Seafood Platter. is one that calls for “dig-in!” Mussels, shrimp, squid, with a cup on celery sticks in the Centre of the plate.

  • 英式炸魚薯條(Fish and Chips)
英式炸魚薯條 Fish and Chips
英式炸魚薯條(Fish and Chips)



Next up is the classic Fish and Chips. Now, this is a no excuse for failure if they market themselves as a “British-Style” restaurant The Fish and Chips do not disappoint. Thin breaded fish fillet has enough crisp and the portion is enough for six to share.

  • 獵人綜合盤 (Roasted Meat Platter)
獵人綜合盤 Roasted Meat Platter bagel bagel taipei restaurant
獵人綜合盤 (Roasted Meat Platter)



Roasted Meat Platter is a “hunter’s appetizer plate with chicken, sausage and homemade bacon. The items are flavourful and good for wine pairing. 

  • 墨魚汁海鮮燉飯(Squid ink & Mixed Seafood Risotto)
墨魚汁海鮮燉飯 Squid ink & Mixed Seafood Risotto bagel bagel taipei restaurant
墨魚汁海鮮燉飯 (Squid ink & Mixed Seafood Risotto)



Squid ink & Mixed Seafood Risotto has enough ink to almost stir the risotto in it. I hate being spat on an not knowing. If I’m Frenching a squid, I want people to know.

  • 青醬海鮮貓耳朵麵 (Orrechiette Pasta with Seafood and Basil Pesto)
青醬海鮮貓耳朵麵 Orrechiette Pasta with Seafood and Basil Pesto bagel bagel taipei restaurant
青醬海鮮貓耳朵麵 (Orrechiette Pasta with Seafood and Basil Pesto)


Orrechiette pasta is cooked to perfection served with shrimp, squid and mussels. 

  • 香草冰淇淋 (Vanilla Ice-Cream)
香草冰淇淋 Vanilla Ice-Cream bagel bagel taipei restaurant
(Vanilla Ice-Cream)


Dessert is two full scoops of vanilla ice cream for each. A perfect ending to our “Secret Service” meal.

Bagel Bagel Cafe & Bar「金牌特務地窖餐廳」提供各式各樣的套餐組合,是台北聚餐的好選擇!

Bagel Bagel Cafe & Bar offers a variety of  dinner & lunch set s. Perfect for group gatherings!