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Cama Café德安店 – 107 年台南友善英語標章店家前五名

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  • The price point at Cama Café’s De An location in Tainan’s East District may seem low; the quality, however, is not. Cama Cafe Tainan De An location serves fresh, quality coffee. I saw Beano, Cama Cafe’s mascot looking out the window, deep in his own thoughts, and it made me want to join him for a coffee and maybe talk about his life as a mascot.


位於台南市東區中華東路的Cama Café德安店,咖啡雖走平價咖啡路線,提供岀來給客人的,卻是一個比較新鮮比較有品質的咖啡。造訪時,迎接我的是Beano, Cama Cafe的靈魂吉祥物,看到它拿著咖啡都臉含情脈脈的向窗外看,在忙,都想進去與它共飲一杯咖啡順便談談當吉祥物的人生。

  • The space at Cama Café De An location is mostly wood with orange paint. The warm-color tone makes you feel warm inside-out even before you coffee arrives.
Cama Cafe德安 台南英語友善店家


Cama Café德安店空間是木頭搭配橘色的油漆,色調很溫暖,讓人在咖啡還沒上來前就暖暖心。


  • Cama Cafe roasts their coffee beans on site. Due to unethical businesses, open kitchen has been the trend for some time now. I just didn’t know besides restaurants, a cafe can do the same. Adopting the open-kitchen concept, Cama Café lowers its counter. Guests can witness the process of making a cup of coffee from start to finish.
Cama Cafe counter (Tainan De An location) Cama 咖啡台南德安店櫃檯
Cama Cafe counter (Tainan De An location)
Cama 咖啡台南德安店櫃檯


現在不肖業者多,因此透明化方式開放式廚房興起。只是除了餐廳外,殘編沒想到咖啡店也可以可以採用這種方式。Cama Cafe 從咖啡生豆到烘焙完的豆子我現場沖煮都是透明化的。Cama咖啡 的櫃檯故意設計的較矮,使咖啡烘培的過程全部透明化,客人可以一覽無遺。

Cama 咖啡特別的是他們都會在現場紅烘陪咖啡豆讓客人可以看到一杯咖啡從頭到尾的製作過程,也喝的安心

  • Cama Cafe picks most of its coffee beans from Central America, South America, and Africa. Depending on the season, different grades of coffee are available. They also provide many seasonal coffee beans.
    The business district where Cama Cafe is located at might seem local, but to welcome and cater to guests and foreigners staying at the nearby Evergreen Laurel Hotel or visiting the Tainan Cultural Centre, the staff will try their best to explain the services of their store in English.



  • Cama Cafe’s menu includes specialty items like daily limited hand-brew (pour over) coffee and cold brew coffee. Cold Brew Coffee is made with cold water for several hours at a low temperature. Guests can choose the amount of sugar and ice to their liking. Dine-in is self-seating. For coffee newbies or those who have decision-making problems, Cama Café’s Barista will ask your preferences such as light or dark roast coffee beans in order to deliver your favourite customized coffee.


Cama 現烘咖啡專門店咖啡菜單包跨每日限量的手沖咖啡、經典現烘手沖咖啡、冷萃咖啡,冷萃咖啡是用冷水長時間低溫萃取製成。



  • Specialty star coffee items on Cama Cafe’s menu include the IIAC ( International Institute of Coffee Tasters)award-winning Italian coffee beans and Golden Mandheling, and the AICA (Australian International Coffee Awards) winning “Flora Yirgacheffe, ” which uses high-quality, limited edition coffee beans that provide aromas of plum, champagne grape and provide a long-lasting finish.


Cama Cafe 菜單上,包刮榮獲義大利IIAC咖啡評鑒金獎的義式咖啡豆和黃金曼巴,榮獲澳洲AICA咖啡評鑒銀獎的「百秘密花園」,及澳洲A IC A咖啡評鑒銅獎、限量供應的「花香耶加雪菲」,其用最高等級日曬耶加雪菲G1 ,屬限量極品豆,透過陽光完整醇味熟成。研磨時間,雞蛋花的香氣優雅綻放,蜜桃與香檳葡萄淡淡的發酵香氣香氣、餘韻持久。


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