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位於淡水區充滿文化歷史的 紅毛城 對面、望著 淡水出海口,有一家以 領事館咖啡」為名的,並與古蹟一樣歷史悠久的的優美景觀餐廳兼下午茶咖啡廳。
Located just across Tamsui’s historic Fort San Domingo ( “Hongmao Town”), a historic fortress landmark in Tamsui District full of cultural history, with a great view overlooking the Tamsui estuary, is a beautiful and unique cafe/restaurant named Consulate.


先看時尚高潮食記影片 / Watch our Youtube food vlog 1st:

Located just across Tamsui’s historic Fort San Domingo ( “Hongmao Town”)
a historic fortress landmark in Tamsui District full of cultural history, with a great view overlooking the Tamsui estuary, is a beautiful and unique cafe/restaurant named Consulate.


English version / 英文版:
I stumbled upon this restaurant when deciding on a place to take our friends visiting from Syria. I wanted to pick somewhere unique, exotic & also somewhere to show the alluring features of Taiwan’s top travel destination, Tamsui. Turned out, Consulate Cafe/ restaurant was a perfect choice. The owner seems to be a travel junkie just like me. The entire restaurant is filled with souvenirs and from across the world. Collectibles from Europe, the Middle East, Austria, and more like mosaic tabletops, painted tiles, Turkish plates decorate the venue.

  • 除了充滿異國風情的用餐環境外,靠窗以及室外座位亦能讓客人在享用餐點時以淡水河及觀音山的優美盡收眼底。

English version / 英文版:
In addition to the exotic dining environment, the window-side seats and patio seating also allow guests to admire Taiwan’s beautiful nature, including the Tamsui River and Guanyin Mountain while enjoying their meals.

  • 淡水領事館菜單menu / Consulate Restaurant Tamsui menu:


English version / 英文版:
Besides healthy Mediterranean cuisine options, Consulate’s menu also includes a variety of cuisines to match its design concept. Options include pasta, risotto, iron pot mains, and Chinese and Western home-style dishes so that friends from all over the world can come together to enjoy the nature of Taiwan.

  • 領事館食物 / The Food at Consulate Restaurant / Cafe:

  • 「剁椒魚 」/ “fish with chili pepper”:



  • 地中海烤海鮮總匯」($380) / ”Roasted mixed seafood” ($380nt):


淡水領事館 地中海烤海鮮總匯」($380) / ”Roasted mixed seafood” ($380nt)
淡水領事館 地中海烤海鮮總匯」($380) /
”Roasted mixed seafood” ($380nt)


English version / 英文版:
Roasted seafood is made Mediterranean style and tastes as authentic as the ones I’d had when traveling to Greece. It is rich in ingredients, including mussels, shrimps, scallops, fish, and a variety of seasonal vegetables. Since enticing aromas of seafood fill the air already when served, the dish doesn’t need many extra additives and is simply prepared with wine, lemon, onion, salt, and sugar. We all raved about its value for the price and what a genius decision this was (you’re welcome!)

  • 「香煎骰子牛6oz(附白飯)」($380)/ “Cast Iron Dices Steal with rice vegetable” ($380):
淡水領事館「香煎骰子牛6oz(附白飯)」($380)/ “Cast Iron Dices Steal with rice vegetable” ($380)
淡水領事館「香煎骰子牛6oz(附白飯)」($380)/ “Cast Iron Dices Steal with rice vegetable” ($380)


English version / 英文版:
US frozen beef is cooked to about medium-well, served on a hot sizzling iron pan with rice and a variety of vegetables.

「鹽烤鯖魚(附白飯)」( $260)/ “Roasted Mackerel with salt, white pepper & lemon” ($260nt):

English version / 英文版:
Just like the “Cast Iron Dices Steal with rice vegetable,” this “roasted mackerel” is also served in a hot sizzling iron pan with rice and a rainbow of vegetables. Adding value to both the presentation and nutrition.

  • 點主餐均附飲料,飲料有蘋果汁、柳橙汁、咖啡跟茶可供選擇。

English version / 英文版:
All main dishes come with a drink. Drink options include apple juice, orange juice, coffee, and tea.

領事館下午茶鬆餅/ Consulate Restaurant / Cafe afternoon tea and waffles:



English version / 英文版:
Consulate is not just a restaurant but also a cafe, meaning they also have a full menu of afternoon tea sets and desserts to choose from. Desserts are mostly waffles, including “blueberry waffles,” “strawberry waffles,” “ honey cream waffle,” ” chocolate banana waffle, “and “Ice Cream waffle.”
Although we were already pretty satisfied at this point, in Arabic culture, no meal is complete without dessert. We opted for the “strawberry waffle” and “chocolate banana waffle.”
Waffles are cut when served, making them easy for sharing.

  • 「草莓冰淇淋鬆餅」($220) / “Strawberry Waffle” ($220nt)


English version / 英文版:
strawberry waffle“ is served with chocolate sauce, so there’s no struggle between the two favourite children’s flavors and no more fights between children.

  • 「香蕉巧克力鬆餅」($220) / “Chocolate banana waffles” ($220nt):


English version / 英文版:
Waffle is served with a full banana sliced, a piece of Oreo, and a scoop of chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce.

時尚高潮殘編淡水領事館咖啡/餐館總評價 / Fashion Ecstasy Tamsui Consulate Cafe / Restaurant Review in a Nutshell:


English version / 英文版:
Stepping inside Consulate Cafe not only allows guests to fully immerse in the exotic environment but also enjoy the beauty of Taiwan’s local nature while checking off your Taiwan’s attractions list. Even our Muslim friends with dietary restrictions enjoyed themselves. I highly recommend both travelers and foodies alike to pay them a visit or 2.

領事館咖啡資訊及營業時間 / Consulate information and business hours:

  • 地址:新北市251淡水區中正路257號
  • 訂位專線:02-26228529
  • 營業時間:11:00~22:00

English version / 英文版:
Address: No. 257, Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, 251
Reservation tel: 02-26228529
Business hours: 11:00~22:00

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