Food TRUCK’N Canada Day Festival – A Beautiful Outdoor Event at Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex Toronto / Food TRUCK’N多倫多以餐車節慶祝加拿大2020年國慶日

Food TRUCK’N Canada Day Festival – A Beautiful Outdoor Event at Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex Toronto / Food TRUCK’N多倫多以餐車節慶祝加拿大2020年國慶日

(by Sally Warburton)
(Chinese translation by Tanya)
(中文版向下看 / Scroll down for Chinese version)

  • We all knew this year’s Canada Day Celebrations would be different due to the pandemic.
    The first Food TRUCK’N Canada Day Festival Event of the season held outside on the grounds of Liberty Grand took place on July 1st on Canada Day, celebrating this year’s Canada Day with lots of food!

中文版 / Chinese version:
可喜的是,就在7月1日加拿大國慶日多倫多Liberty Grand在該場所的室外空間外舉辦首屆Food TRUCK’N餐車活動美食慶祝加拿大國慶日

  • And what a beautiful day it was….sunshine and hot weather.

Perfect for the outdoor event featuring 10 Food Trucks. And a socially distanced event it was! At this Pandemic time, Torontonians are looking for ways to get fresh air, seeing other people, and eating well…all while social distancing. And this was where it was happening. Groups of friends, couples, families, people dressed in red for Canada Day were all there to enjoy the selection of food for everyone’s taste. In psychology, the colour red increases appetite, perfect for this foodie event.

中文版 / Chinese version:

Participating food trucks included / 參與這次活動的餐車包括:

  • Alijandro’s Kitchen
  • Jerk Brothers
  • Beavertails
  • The Arepa Republic
  • Funnel Cake Dream
  • Busters Sea Cove
  • El Bosco
  • Meltdown Cheesery
  • Mustache Burger
  • Tdot’s Naansense

Gourmet with a Beautiful Outdoor Space, Creating a Beautiful Scenery / 美食配美景,舒適的室外空間

  • Also in the centre court was a large licensed bar serving refreshing drinks.

Lots of space to sit at tables while social distancing and enjoying the fresh air and greenery of the Liberty Grand gardens. Large socially distanced circles were chalked on the grass where customers could enjoy their meal on the green grass under the shade of the trees. Sitting on the grass was a tranquil surprise in an area facing Lakeshore Blvd. and Lake Ontario. It was calm and relaxing, and a charming way to celebrate Canada Day 2020.

中文版 / Chinese version:
中庭還設有一桌大吧台供應消暑飲品。場地空間大,除了大桌子座位,來賓也利用樹陰下的大片草地享受大自然的新鮮空氣和綠色視野。坐在草地上不但帶給我們野餐的趣味,還正是可以欣賞對面Lakeshore Blvd大道和安大略湖的一片寧靜之地。讓我們此時心情格外平靜輕鬆,這次的Food TRUCK’N Canada Day Festival是慶祝2020年加拿大國慶日的迷人方式。

  • Foodies in Toronto, Keep your eyes out for future Food Truck’N events throughout the summer at Liberty Grand Complexe!

中文版 / Chinese version:
多倫多吃貨們注意了!這個夏天將會有更多一樣在Liberty Grand Complexe舉行的Food Truck’N活動


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