This Halloween, iconic filmmaker/director Stanley Kubrick’s exhibition will make its Canadian debut at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, kicking off with its fundraising party BOOMBOX on Thursday.

Guests are expected to celebrate Stanley Kubrick’s incredible legacy in a Kubrick style. We have put together a list of outfit ideas to attend BOOMBOX. Hope it helps!

1. Twins from The Shining 

twins from The Shining

You will need: blue dress, pink ribbon sash, white knee socks, white barrettes, Mary Jane shoes

2. The droogs from A Clockwork Orange 

The droogs from A Clockwork Orange

You will need: codpiece, boots, bowler hat, cane, suspenders

3. Dr. Strangelove

dr strangelove in wheelchair

You will need: round shades, black suit, a black leather glove (yes, just one will do), and a fake cigarette. How about a wheelchair?

4. Lolita

lolita by Stanley KubrickYou will need: summer hat, patterned bikini, heart shaped sunglasses, gingham, or simply a summer dress

5. Spartacus (We would love to see more of these)


You will need: a belt, a plus size brief over a diaper

6. Lady Honoria Lyndon from Barry Lyndon

lady honoria lyndon

You will need: an 18th-century costume, big hair, white foundation, and don’t forget the mole.

If you haven’t yet purchased tickets to the Kubrick-themed BOOMBOX party, please visit: for details.

Hope to see you there!