I had the pleasure to discover the new Heldin CrossBody Belt which is designed and made in Toronto. Heldin means “heroine” in German and wearing the belt makes one feel so empowered.
When I first saw the belt, I was intrigued by its unique design with the straps coming across the body. Looking into the background of the belt, I found out that it is reminiscent of the Sally Browne style, which was worn by women as part of their uniforms as law enforcement and nurses. Later, during the interwar years, it was worn as a fashion belt.

Putting on the Heldin belt is wearing a piece of history. It definitely cinched in my waist to make it seem much smaller (always a good thing) and is very stylish. The Crossbody is definitely flattering on the bust and cleavage too. I liked the flexibility of wearing it either as a Crossbody or by removing the Crossbody strap, as a waist belt. A very smart dual fashion function. On the waist belt, one can add an accessory to the front loop, giving it an even more unique look.

Looking at my wardrobe, I saw how easily I could incorporate the Heldin belt into my regular wardrobe wearing it with dresses, on top of bulky sweaters and longer tops. It also makes baggier clothes have a more fitted look too. The belt comes in a choice of pink, red and black, which works with almost everything I own.

Heldin Crossbody belt is available at heldinbelt.com