Honey Jam Canada Concert Launches with Guest Speaker Melanie Fiona

Honey Jam Canada Concert launches with guest speaker Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona (top left & mid), Ebonnie Rowe (bottom left), Lisa Michelle & Melanie Fiona (mid), participants (bottom right)
Melanie Fiona (top left & mid), Ebonnie Rowe (bottom left), Lisa Michelle & Melanie Fiona (mid), participants (bottom right)

(photos by Sari)

From the 54th Floor of the TD Centre, the dreams of some very talented singers got started. These young women (one of whom is only 11 years old) were chosen, from across Canada, to be part of the of 19th edition of Honey Jam Canada talent showcase. Among previous participants in Honey Jam was Nelly Furtado and it launched her super successful career.

Ebonnie Rowe, founder of Honey Jam, emphasized that Honey Jam, which will take place on Thursday Aug 14 at the Mod Club, is more than just a concert. It also provides workshops for the singers to help further their careers.

Alumnae Melanie Delima, Melissa Bell, and Jordan Alexander all spoke about how important Honey Jam has been to their careers and offered encouragement to the 2014 participants.

Grammy and Juno award winner, Melanie Fiona was the guest speaker for the evening. Her powerful message about following one’s intuition and surrounding oneself with a team of people who really believe, was very inspiring. She gave all of us hope about making one’s dreams a reality.

Honey Jam tickets are available at ticketweb.ca . Further information can be found at honeyjam.com

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