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House of Moments Industry Open House Event

Last night, March 14th, we attended House of Moments’ Industry Open House located on Carlaw Avenue.

It was an art gallery converted to a trendy event venue serving Eastern fusion food – a combination of Japanese food and Persian food. The owner Hamid Kouchak greeted us in person and shared his story with us. He is a traveller, an art collector, and an entrepreneur. He spent years travelling around the world to Central and South America, Asia and India. As a lover of Asian art in particular he collected tons of Buddha statues and antique doors from his trip and brought it all together to showcase in the venue.
The 12,000-square foot open space featured a cocktail bar, a sushi bar, and various seating options for patrons including booths, high chairs and tables. The room was dim with pink lighting shooting up the walls. The unique setting & decorations made me fell in love with the venue from the very first moment I stepped inside.

We spotted Jane Dayus-Hinch (Wedding SOS)

Jane Dayus-Hinch (Wedding SOS)

Jane Dayus-Hinch (Wedding SOS)

House of Moments is located at 105C, 388 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4M 2T4
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