Past Saturday, the Toronto Bloor/Gladstone Public Library was transformed into a speakeasy of the prohibition era.

flapper at Hush Hush Bash 2014 Speakeasy toronto public library

The sign read “closed for violation of National Prohibition Act,” the truth is, a hush-hush party was being held behind the doors.

This Hush Hush Bash, hosted by New Collection, was a fundraiser benefiting the Toronto Public Library Foundation.

Bars, DJ booths, and oyster shucking tables were set up behind the stacks.
A typist composed instant poems; Barrymore furniture snapped photos while guests played and posed on the Barrymore couch; flappers danced to live jazz on the podiums while guests enjoyed delectable bites from Rock Lobster.

flapper dancing at hush hush bash 2014

If the 4 or 5 main bars wasn’t enough, a secret bar accessible by password was hidden in a corner behind the shelves.

password to secret bar at Hush Hush Bash 2014

While the library is not being supported by municipal taxes, Hush Hush successfully raised $80,000 for the Toronto Public Library Foundation to help develop a city of readers, learners and creators.

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(photos by Tanya)

Hush Hush Bash 2014 by New Collection benefiting Toronto Public Library Foundation