The Venice Beach BBQ presented by Jägermeister was held at Honest Ed’s Parking Lot this past Friday.

This annual party, which takes place during the week of NXNE, is always a lot of fun.

The Rooftop Agency and Exclaim! turned the parking lot into a Venice Beach, completed with sand, muscle men, air spray graffiti by Graffiti Girls, roller skaters, custom-printed baseball hats, bike rentals, basketball, and surfboards.

Jägermeister presented refreshing cocktails featuring its spice blend of vanilla and cinnamon: Route 56 (Ginger beer, Jäger and cucumber) and Old-Fashioned (whiskey, Jäger and orange).

Tito’s Handmade Vodka lemonade, Steam Whistle beer, Monster energy drinks, and Smoke’s Poutine kept the guests well nourished.

(photos by Sari)

Jägermeister Presents: The Venice Beach BBQ-Honest Ed’s Parking Lot