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Kultura Launches New Summer Menu, New Executive Chef and New Hookah Lounge!

Kultura on King, one of our favourite restaurants, launched their new summer menu just in time for summerlicious. We attended the preview tasting with a scrumptious 13- course menu created by their new Executive Chef, Daniel Racine (author of a “Gift from the Stars Cookbook”). What is more exciting is the launch of their new hookah/shisha/sheesha lounge where guests can enjoy shisha available in different mu‘assel flavours. Summer has been gloomy so far so why not just sit down, kick back, and relax with some shisha?Kultura Summer Menu Tasting

Some of their must try dishes are the refreshing ‘Crunchy Asian Salad’ with Napa cabbage, vegetable whispers, toasted peanuts and Asian drizzle; the fruity ‘Strawberry Gazpacho’ with wild mint and a piece of floating black pepper coconut tempura crouton and crispy duck skin; the spicy ‘Jerk Spiced Tiger Shrimp’ with ginger papaya compote; the crispy ‘Artic Char’ with nicoise olives, roasted garlic, Mediterranean relish topped with feta cheese; and the devilishly good ‘Chocolate Banana Spring Rolls’ with Ferraro Roche gelato.

Strawberry Gazpacho

Strawberry Gazpacho

Jerk Spiced Tiger Shrimp Kultura Summer Menu Tasting

Jerk Spiced Tiger Shrimp

Arctic Char

Arctic Char

Crashdex and Jerzee in attendance

Crashdex and Jerzee in attendance

(photos by Tanya)
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Kultura on Urbanspoon
Summerlicious ideas – Kultura on King Street‘s new summer menu launches with new hookah/ shisha/ sheesha lounge.

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