Saturday, August 11th marked the 14th annual Miss AfriCanada Pageant (African Heritage Pageant) at Mac Millan Theatre. (scroll to the bottom for pictures)
The show was not only entertaining, but educative too. 12 beautiful contestants were on stage to showcase the diverse cultures of Africa and raise awareness of health and economic problems through their talent show.
After the talent show, contestants were called up one by one to answer questions from the judges. The contestants, though only College/University students, each answered the questions promptly and wisely. 

Christine Kitoko, the ultimate winner, was asked if she could change one thing in the world, what would she change. With no pause, she responded “If I could change one thing in the world, it would be social injustice, which prevails in the under-developed world. Because I do not feel that social injustice gives the poor enough opportunity to achieve their full potential like we can.
Her beauty and intellegence won the judges’ hearts and she burst into tears of joy as they crowned her Miss AfriCanada 2012.

The Host/Hostess:
MC Bonde (VOA) & Ehi Irianan

The contestants:
Christine Kitoko,  Denise Donkor, Tolu Aladejebi, Tianna Makurane, Frances AwachieX\, Sabrina JdukpayeX, Alexa KinyuaX, Moni Ogunsuyi, Brenda Chuinkam, Fatema PardhanX, Christina Ajiboye, Celestine Nema, Zara Bangala

The Judges:
Kirk Mark, Sommer L.Blackman, Karlyn Percil, Fanta Ongoiba, Erone Bremang, Peter Toh

More about Miss AfriCanada…

The annual event dubbed “Africa’s Finest Night in Toronto” is produced by event organizers, African Heritage Association of Ontario – Afrihili. It is on this glamorous evening where are showcased to herald the crowning of a Miss AfriCanada each year since 1999.
Upon consideration that contestants are usually College and University students, Afrihili has adopted a policy that aims at supporting participants in the annual pageant with their academic pursuits. In the past therefore, prizes to winners has been in the form of educational grants and relevant materials.
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