On June 29, the Power Plant threw a 2012 Summer party to celebrate their 25 years of best in contemporary art with the launching of two summer exhibits: the  Tools For Conviviality and the Dissenting Histories.  The Tools For Conviviality is a collection of contemporary art by artists who use tools to express the potential danger and weapons in society, wishing to effect change and reconsider social behaviour. The Dissenting Histories is a project  that responds to Power Plant‘s 25-year archives by Toronto artist Dave Dyment with his practice of research-based conceptualism. The art is on display until 26 August 2012.
The party started with a VIP reception with BBQ, lamb sliders, and Perrier‘s special Limonade aux Bleuets cocktail. We appreciated the art accompanied with music by DJ Jodie James. We enjoyed more food and wine when they continued on to welcome the public with their awesome Summer party!
For more information please visit: http://www.thepowerplant.org/