Watching my dear friend breastfeed her first baby was a real magical moment. However it wasn’t necessarily the prettiest scene. Who knew what gravity could do to the assets of a once athletic girl. She told me she literally has to swing her breasts to the back when she takes her showers now.
This reminded me the importance of wearing the correct sports bras that are made with quality materials.

When it comes to exercising sports bras are one of the most essential items for female athletes. Unlike regular bras, a sport bra provides full support and keeps the sisters from bouncing (sorry guys), even when you are performing big movements. It keeps everything in place and reduces damage caused to the tissues while exercising. In other words, it prevents the breasts from sagging.

The material used in a sports bra is a big factor that adds to its comfort. A sports bra with quality material can easily let you forget its existence while wearing it. A sports bra with poor quality, however, can be a constant reminder of its existence and cause irritation. Choosing a sports bra with a soft & breathable material is important. Supplex, Lycra, a four-way-stretch fabric with quick-dry function draws the moisture away, prevents chafing, and allows you to move freely. Seamless fabrics and/or covered seams are ideal.

Now get a sports bra with quality fabric and protect your Cooper’s ligaments!