Wesley, Creative Director of Sassoon Salon asked me if my hair held curls well. I told him absolutely not. It turned out that I was just simply not good with styling my own hair.
If you feel my pain, you’d be happy to hear that Sassoon Salon has launched their new Blow & Style program, offering eight iconic hairstyles to choose from. The Sassoon team’s magical skills can turn Cleopatra into Rita Hayworth, or the other way around.

Sassoon Salon Blow & Style menu
Sassoon Salon Blow & Style menu (image courtesy go Sassoon Salon)

It was a gala night, so I opt for the more glammy polished wave. Wesley worked his magic on me and walked me through all the steps on how to achieve the look.

Step 1: For a richer look, work lots of Sebastian Mousse Forte into damp hair.
Tip: Choose a soft mousse to avoid stickiness (the more creamy the less hold)

Step 2: Blow-dry your hair.
Tip: Blow-dry the opposite way the hair is going to lay for a natural lift.

Step 3: Curl hair in small sections with a medium barrel tong.
Tip: Curl as close as possible from the roots. No twisting. Make sure the ends are curled too.

Vidal Sassoon Salon Blow and Style Polished Wave tutorial
Step 4: Hold each curl with a flat clip.

Step 5: Wait until hair cools down and remove the clips.

Step 6: Spray with Sebastian Re-Shaper and brush the hair out.

Vidal Sassoon Salon Blow and Style Polished Wave tutorial

Step 7: Secure the ‘S’ shape with flat clips and spray again.

Vidal Sassoon Salon Blow and Style Polished Wave tutorial

Step 8: Blow-dry with diffuser.

The result? Beautiful.

Vidal Sassoon Salon Blow and Style Polished Wave

Sassoon Salon‘s new Blow & Style menu starts from $45 and takes about an hour to style. They also have a Style menu which you can get your hair braided and styled for just $25.

Sassoon Salon is located at 37 Avenue Road, Toronto
To book your appointment, call 416.920.1333

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