Sinai Health Great Jewellery Heist 2019 Media Preview in support of Sinai Health System’s Bridgepoint Active Healthcare /
Sinai Health 基金會 Great Jewellery Heist珠寶公益拍賣會

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On Friday, November 1st, 2019, Sinai Health Foundation will be hosting the 9th Annual Great Jewellery Heist, presented by BMO. This one-of-a-kind affair will feature an elegant luncheon and auction at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, where over 70 pieces will be up for auction. 

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2019年11月1日 (五),Sinai Health Foundation基金會將主辦BMO贊助的第9屆年度Great Jewellery Heist珠寶公益拍賣會。這獨一無二的活動將在麗思卡爾頓酒店(Ritz-Carlton)優雅的午餐會進行拍賣,其中超過70件珍貴的珠寶將被拍賣。

  • These pieces come from vintage and estate collections, emerging jewellery artists, and established luxury brands.

All proceeds will be going to the Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, the first hospital in Canada for patients with multiple and complex healthcare needs. On Wednesday, October 16th, 2019, Fashion Ecstasy had the utmost pleasure to attend the media preview for this event. 

( 中文版 / Chinese version):

這些作品來自古董和莊園的收藏,有新興珠寶設計師和知名奢侈名牌。所有收益將捐給Bridgepoint Active Healthcare加拿大第一家幫助多種複雜醫療需求患者的醫院。 2019年10月16日(星期三),時尚高潮非常榮幸地受邀參加此次活動的媒體預覽。

The media preview was held inside the Art Gallery Space in the BMO Building. Its location was on the 68th floor and provided spectacular views of the downtown core. Guests were treated to an intimate cocktail party and viewing a sampling of the 75 pieces up for auction, currently open and accessible to everyone at this website: 

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Many of the pieces displayed were all from Canadian designers and brands, such as the dramatic open collar necklace from repeat donor Alan Anderson, and pink Swarovski stone spinning ring from award-winning, Guinness Record-breaking designer Reena Ahluwalia


The Great Jewellery Heist 2019 Preview-open collar necklace by Alan Anderson
The Great Jewellery Heist 2019 Preview:
open collar necklace by Alan Anderson
The Great Jewellery Heist 2019 Preview:
Reena Ahluwalia Swarovski spinning ring

( 中文版 / Chinese version):

展示中的許多作品都來自加拿大設計師和品牌,例如來自重複捐助者 Alan Anderson所捐贈的搶眼開放式項圈,以及破金氏紀錄Guinness Record)的設計師Reena Ahluwalia所設計的粉紅色施華洛世奇旋轉戒指。

  • During the evening, the party came to a pause when Isabelle Fish,

chair of the Great Jewellery Heist, took to the podium to welcome everyone to the preview and talk about the Bridgepoint Active Healthcare. She shared one very positive statistic about the hospital: 98.5 % of Bridgepoint patients would recommend the hospital to others. With such a high satisfaction rate, it’s clear that the hospital’s commitment to delivering active healthcare is changing so many lives and strengthening communities. 

( 中文版 / Chinese version):

當晚,Great Jewellery Heist的主席Isabelle Fish上台邀請大家預覽,並談論Bridgepoint Active Healthcare的貢獻。她分享了有關該醫院的一項非常激勵的統計數據:98.5%的Bridgepoint患者會推薦該醫院給其他人。憑藉如此高的滿意度,該醫院功勞顯然在提供積極醫療保健的承諾。這個承諾改變如此多人的人生,並貢獻社會。

  • Guests also heard from Christine Cooper, Executive Vice President and

Head of Commercial Banking for BMO. In her short speech, she mentioned how both BMO and Sinai Health Foundation share the common goal of improving the quality of people’s lives and growing the good in the communities they serve. As a longtime sponsor of the Great Jewellery Heist, BMO continues to greatly support Bridgepoint Active Health because of their commitment to deliver active and specialize in healthcare to patients. 

( 中文版 / Chinese version):

嘉賓也聽BMO執行副總裁兼商業銀行業務主管Christine Cooper的致詞。在簡而有力的致詞中,她提到了BMOSinai Health Foundation基金會的共同目標,以及如何共同改善人們的生活品質並服務社會。作為Great Jewellery Heist的長期贊助商,BMO一直致力於為Bridgepoint Active Health提供協助,因為他們致力於為患者提供主動和專業的醫療保健服務。

  • Other highlights of the evening included meeting the jewellery designers

and trying on some of the pieces. Many of the guests were eager to try on the royal purple 3D-printed necklace designed by Korinna Azreiq, who was in attendance that evening. Lina Maria Avendano (extremely talented jewellery designer and graduate of George Brown’s School of Fashion and Jewellery) designed the nature-inspired Bloom necklace solely for the event. The necklace’s delicate flowers were made with recycled sterling silver and 14, 18, and 24 karat gold, which upon closer inspection resembled butterflies. 

( 中文版 / Chinese version):

當晚的亮點,包括與珠寶設計師會面,並試戴這些珠寶。許多客人都搶著試戴由當天晚上親自出席的Korinna Azreiq所設計的皇家紫色3D列印項鍊。畢業於George Brown時裝與珠寶學院且極具才華的珠寶設計師Lina Maria Avendano 專為此次活動設計了靈感採自大自然的Bloom項鍊。這條項鍊的精美花朵是由再生純銀,14、18和24克拉的黃金製成,經仔細一看,它們如蝴蝶般精緻優雅。

  • Speaking with Avendano, she explained the use of butterflies as a symbol

of endurance and transformation. The thoughtful placement of these stacked butterfly wings resembling flowers was a metaphor for communities coming together to make something beautiful. It was a beautiful piece meant to inspire hope and to break through the darkness to a place of renewed strength and rebirth. 

( 中文版 / Chinese version):

時尚高潮團隊與 Avendano交談時,了解了他用「蝴蝶」做為設計背後的意義:蝴蝶是耐力和轉變的象徵。這些堆疊的蝴蝶翅膀又像鮮花,隱喻著社區聚集在一起共同創造出美麗事物的力量。這見件美麗的藝術品,旨在激發希望,並突破黑暗,重獲新生。

  • The online auction is currently accepting bids and will officially close on the

day of the Great Jewellery Heist on Friday, November 1st, 2019, at 1 pm. Fashion Ecstasy would like to thank Burstyn Inc., the Heist Volunteer Committee, and the Sinai Health Foundation for extending this invitation to us and wish the best of luck to all of those who place bids in the auction.

( 中文版 / Chinese version):

該拍賣目前已在線上接受競標,並將於2019年11月1日(星期五)的下午1點在Great Jewellery Heist 當日正式關閉。 Fashion Ecstasy時尚高潮非常感謝Burstyn Inc.、Heist義工委員會和Sinai Health Foundation的熱情邀約,並祝所有參加競標的人好運,將這些珍貴的珠寶帶回家!

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