Alice Munro is a Canadian author and is best known for her short stories. She was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2013, she is one of only 13 females to accept this award. The production of Stories by Alice Munro, is by a San Francisco theatre company Word for Word, and brought to Toronto by producer Sara Schwartz Geller.

The company transforms short fiction to theatre with complete original text.
It is a brilliant and innovative concept of combining the original story text to stage, bringing the characters and the language of fiction to life.

The production showcased two of Munro’s work “The Office” and “Dolly”.

Both these stories on stage captive the audience into her imagined society with plot twists and character disclosure.

The production of Stories by Alice Munro, shows us about extraordinary experiences by women who lead ordinary lives.

We learn about the lessons of life from these characters, which in turn, we can learn and reflect these lessons on our own lives. The human spirit is celebrated in this production, showing how life can be both a challenge and a celebration.

Stories by Alice Munro played at The Isabel Bader Theatre for only 5 performances. Hopefully they will be back in Toronto for another run soon!

(Photo credit: Mark Leialoha)

Stories by Alice Munro