時尚高潮食記 – 金色三麥安和啤酒吧 – 酒後亂性、酒品不好?沒問題!「金色三麥」來ㄧ趟,煩惱一掃而空,再暴力都不用負責!
Sunmai Bar Taipei Anhe Road Review – Angry & violent drunk? No Problem! Relieve Your Stress at Sunmai with Full-Force Violence punches and take No Responsibilities!

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金色三麥安和路啤酒吧餐廳環境/ Sunmai Bar Restaurant Environment:


English Version / 英文版:
Sunmai Bar, located on” on An He Road, Taipei, is the first of its kind under the Sunmai brand (other locations are all restaurants). Sunmai Bar’s Anhe Road location has been opened for about 2 years.
The location takes on a pure bar style. Upon entrance, most seats are bar seats with a large flat-screen TV, making it an ideal sports bar to “cheer” when a game is on. There are also table seats in the back area for those who come to dine.

金色三麥安和啤酒吧全菜單/ Sunmai

Bar Anhe Road Menu:

金色三麥菜單除了啤酒種類多外,下酒小菜食物也多元化。但是晚上5:30之前的食物只提供「炸物」類的「炸雞」、「薯條」跟「Pizza」(菜單上標明「燒餅」類的)食物, 串燒類跟其他食物在5:30之後才開始供應,但因為啤酒選擇種類眾多,所以等待的時間不知不覺就過了,金色三麥自有釀酒廠,但因為殘編沒試過他們家的酒,所以在等廚房開工的時候先點容量較小買三送一的「自選啤酒組」($300)來試喝看看。啤酒組的容量是150ml一杯,很適合有「選擇性困難症」的客人點。

English Version / 英文版:
The menu has a wide selection of bar snacks to go with the extensive collection of beers. However, Only “Fries,” “fried chicken,” and “flatbreads” are available before 5:30 pm. Skewers and other food options and bar snacks are only available after 5:30pm when the kitchen opens. However, the vast selection of beers makes the wait time passive. An hour of waiting past without noticing.

Sunmai has its own brewery, since I’ve never tried their beer, I opted for the buy 3 get 1 free “beer flight” ($ 300nt) while waiting for the kitchen to start. The beer flight comes in 150ml glasses, which is perfect for indecisive customers with Aboulomania.

金色三麥啤酒菜單 / Sunmai Bar Beer Selections:

殘編喜歡清爽型的,所以服務人員建議我點「冰雪女王小麥啤酒」(”Ivy Queen Wheat“(原價$190/杯)

殘編造訪時酒吧正在促銷的啤酒包含兩款加辣的啤酒,加辣的啤酒殘編還沒聽過,於是就點了「辣梅紫」(”Hot Girlberry”)啤酒 (原價$230/杯)、「冰雪女王小麥啤酒」/ “Ivy Queen Wheat” (原價$190/杯)、「檸檬香茅科隆」 / “Lemongrass Kolsch”(原價$220/杯)和「雷鬼IPA」/ “India Pale Ale” (原價$220/杯)。
「冰雪女王小麥啤酒」/ “Ivy Queen Wheat” ($190/杯)和「檸檬香茅」科隆 / “Lemongrass Kolsch”口味清爽,微帶香氣,很特別。
「雷鬼IPA」/ “India Pale Ale” ($220/杯)較前兩者濃,稍帶苦味,顏色也略深。

酒後亂性、酒品不好?沒問題!「金色三麥」來ㄧ趟,煩惱一掃而空,再暴力都不用負責 / Angry Drunk? No Problem! Relieve Your Stress at Sunmai with Full-Force Violence and take No Responsibilities!

若是真的壓力太大的客人,吧檯旁有一台拳擊機,每隔幾秒鐘就廣播ㄧ次「今天的煩惱將會一掃而空喔!」再加上吧檯陳列的一隻鋼鐵人無限手套,看到還沒喝就先壯膽了,「啤酒眼鏡」ㄧ帶上,拳擊的打靶板立刻浮現機車老闆和陰險小人的臉,直接打爆洩恨。身邊雖然很愛玩拳擊機,但因為我也是「鳥仔腳」跟「鳥仔手」,跪求經理讓我帶上鋼鐵人的手套打拳,當時手遭拒 (反正我也賠不起)。這時時間已稍縱即逝,5:30廚房已開工,殘編只好將悲憤化為食慾,改怒吃洩恨。怒吃過程中,服務生跟經理不斷段送上擦手的濕紙巾,想必殘編當晚的「怒吃相」讓人尷尬吧!

English Version / 英文版:

For extremely stressful guests, there is an arcade punch machine next to the bar that yells out, “All your troubles will be swept away!” Every few seconds, plus an Iron Man glove displayed on the bar to make you feel the rage and power. After putting on my beer glasses, the boxing target turns into faces of the bullies and dirty rats I’ve encountered. As much as I want to smash their faces, I have one disabled arm, and the working one is just bones. So I beg the manager to let me wear the Iron Man’s glove for a good punch. He rejects me with no hesitation, of course. Time passes by without noticing, and the kitchen gets cooking at 5:30, so I channel my anger into rage-eating.

During my rage-eating, my server keeps handing me wet towels to clean myself. I guess I can’t hide anything.

金色三麥幽默調酒單,讓人忘憂會心一笑/ Cocktail Menu at Sunmai Bar with a Touch of Humour:

金色三麥幽默調酒單,讓人忘憂會心一笑/ Cocktail Menu at Sunmai Bar with a Touch of Humour
金色三麥幽默調酒單,讓人忘憂會心一笑/ Cocktail Menu at Sunmai Bar with a Touch of Humour


English Version / 英文版:
Although Sunmai specializes in beer, they also have a classic cocktail menu at $ 350 / glass with a touch of humour. The funny description under each concoction makes it easy for guests to choose according to their mood. For instance, the “Take Off” cocktail prepared with whiskey, hops honey, lime and nutmeg reads, “Before your net worth or salary takes off, let your night take off first!” is perfect for shopaholics who break their banks before getting paid.

The “Dark and Stormy” made with rum, lime and ginger soda reads, “You call him a backstabbing rat, he laughs that you have no balls. This 7-year aged rum with spicy ginger will give him a “kickback” in the throat.” Reading the funny menu alone relieves half of your stress before the booze is even served.

金色三麥安和店食物 / The Food at Sunmai Bar Anhe :

  • 「嫩蘆筍沾芝麻醬」/ “Fresh Asparagus with Sesame Sauce”($130nt):
時尚高潮食記 - 金色三麥安和啤酒吧 - Sunmai Bar Taipei Anhe Road Review-26
「嫩蘆筍沾芝麻醬」/ “Fresh Asparagus with Sesame Sauce”($130nt)


English Version / 英文版:
Sunmai‘s sesame sauce has an exceptional reddish colour, making it look heavy. However, when eaten, it is much more refreshing and less sweet than the regular sesame sauce served with cold noodles or soba out there. Aare hot asparagus is blanched very and tastes refreshing.

  • 「泡菜」/ Kimchi( $60NT):
時尚高潮食記 - 金色三麥安和啤酒吧 - Sunmai Bar Taipei Anhe Road Review-20
” Kimchi”( $60NT)


English Version / 英文版:
You can trust on the kimchi served at Sunmai. Its the real Korean sh*t, not the “Taiwanese” version with a kilo of added sugar.

  • 「香烤水針魚百夜干 / “Grilled Dry Fish” 」($170NT)
時尚高潮食記 - 金色三麥安和啤酒吧 - Sunmai Bar Taipei Anhe Road Review-27
「香烤水針魚百夜干 / “Grilled Dry Fish” 」($170NT)


English Version / 英文版:
Japanese halfbeak fish is dried then covered with sauce before grilling, served with Japanese mayonnaise and shichimi (7-spices). The taste is similar to the dried shark’s/ fish fin you’d find in Japan at any local bar.

  • 「脆烤墨魚香腸串x 2/ “Grilled Cuttlefish Sausage x 2 」($180NT)
時尚高潮食記 - 金色三麥安和啤酒吧 - Sunmai Bar Taipei Anhe Road Review
「脆烤墨魚香腸串x 2 (左)/ “Grilled Cuttlefish Sausage x 2 」($180NT)(left)


English Version / 英文版:
These cuttlefish sausages come in two skewers, made with real ingredients featuring cuttlefish and calamari only, making it flavourful with a bouncy texture.

  • 「Q彈雞首肉串燒 x 2 / “Grilled Chicken Neck x 2」($190NT)
時尚高潮食記 - 金色三麥安和啤酒吧 - Sunmai Bar Taipei Anhe Road Review
「Q彈雞首肉串燒 x 2( 右)/
“Grilled Chicken Neck x 2″ (right)」($190NT)


English Version / 英文版:

As the name promises, this skewer prepared with chicken neck meat is bouncy and absolutely delicious.

殘編金色三麥啤酒吧安和店總評價 / Fashion Ecstasy Sunmai Beer Bar Anhe Taipei Review in a Nutshell:



English Version / 英文版:

Sunmai Bar’s menu with a sense of humour in conjunction with the arcade punching machine makes it a perfect place to destress after a full day of hard work. You can even bring your bad drunk and angry drunk friends. Because, come on, everybody needs a little more love and companion. I’m planning to punch with my hemiparesis fist next visit, who’s in?


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