SURFSET®, the “on-board” fitness launched its first GTA location at 2481 Yonge Street.

This exciting new way of workout focuses on full body fitness and aims at building long, lean torsos similar to a surfer’s physique.
The SURFSET® board (weighing at 35 lbs each) mimics a surfboard on waves and exercising on a SURFSET board is similar to a real surfing experience.

The workout requires constant balancing and engages core muscles to do so.

SURFSET programs are tailored to different fitness needs including the yoga-inspired SURFSET® Balance which improves stability and control; the high-intensity Burn which focuses on burning fat, Build which builds core strength, and Blend, a combination of all programs.
A 45 minute SURFSET session can easily burn anywhere from 500 to 900 calories.

Guests who attended SURFSET’s launch party all had the chance to experience this unconventional, fun way of workout!

(photos by Tanya)

SURFSET® Launch – The ‘On-Board’ Fitness