Does rTMS (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) light up a bulb? Our Real-Life Experiment Part 2

據說如果在#rTMS 經顱磁刺激/顱外磁刺激期間手握燈泡會亮-磁刺激亮燈泡實驗 Part 2
Can you light a bulb during rTMS (Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation ) treatment? Here’s our experiment

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Whole Life Expo 2019 Toronto – everything you need to know (and buy) on health, wellness and healing多倫多2019 Whole Life Expo展 – 您需知道有關健康,保健和康復的一切知識與產品

Whole Life Expo 2019 Toronto – everything you need to k […]

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殘媽小窗 : 關渡醫院繞一圈 -充滿鄉下傳統人情味,不一樣的台北 A Tour Around Taipei Municipal Gan-Dau ( Guandu) Hospital, Beitou – Where Traditional Taiwanese Friendliness Remains

時尚高潮殘媽殘編遊關渡醫院周遭一圈-充滿鄉下傳統人情味不一樣的台北 A Tour Around Taipei Gan-Dau ( Guandu ) Hospital, Beitou, where local Traditional Taiwanese street food, markets and friendliness remains

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顱外 / 經顱磁次激治療可點亮燈泡?殘編當白老鼠實驗!Does rTMS light up a bulb? Here’s a real life experiment

(scroll down for English version / 英文版向下看) 最近超夯的「顱外磁刺激」 […]

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