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時尚高潮食記 鍋董涮涮火鍋淡水店- 了解您荷包跟小鳥胃一樣小的困擾 – Guo Dong Shabushabu Hot Pot Tamsui- Understanding Your Tiny Appetite and Your Even Tinier Wallet

時尚高潮食記 鍋董涮涮火鍋淡水店- 了解您荷包跟小鳥胃一樣小...
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Steak & Seafood

景美捷運站美食平價活海鮮 -龍蝦 、螃蟹、還有會跳「瞎」你眼睛的活跳蝦! / Jingmei MRT Station Cheap Fresh Seafood – Lobsters, crabs, and “Jumpy” Live Shrimps That Jumps High Enough to Blind your eyes!

值車高的  ( scroll down for Englis...
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