Amid the whirlwind of red-carpet events inspired by The Great Gatsby, none can compare with the The Sinai Soiree 2013. Because this time, Mount Sinai kicked it up a notch by hosting the party at the historic Casa Loma. A castle that existed even before the 20’s.

Starting with a VIP reception on the balcony, guests enjoyed delicious hor d’oeuvres such as tuna tartare and goat cheese balls while swinging to some live jazz and watching the sun set. Moving back inside, the great hall was immersed into a simulated world of the roaring twenties filled with feathers and glitters. DJ M Kutz pumped up the music while flappers danced their night away, perhaps, looking for their own Gatsby.

Mount Sinai Soiree The Sinai Soiree 2013 - The Great Gatsby

The Sinai Soiree is an annual fundraiser created by Future Sinai. Proceeds form The Sinai Soiree will support the Mount Sinai Hospital Auxiliary’s $4.5- million women’s health campaign.