Torontonians arrived at work to a HUGE surprise this morning at The Brookfield Place.
Over the weekend, artists Brad Hindson and Mitchell F Chan of Studio F Minus have transformed the Allen Lambert Galleria into a winter playground.

The project: Snowfall is an interactive art installation commissioned by Arts Brookfield consisting of three parts: Frost, a 20-foot high giant snowflake sculpture; Gust, a series of 60 illuminated hanging snowflake sculptures in various sizes; and Flurry that will be unveiled in 2015.

Visitros are encouraged to play and interact with the art installations.

The LED-powered Frost is connected to the Galleria’s lighting system and will change colours when touched by visitors, creating a visual effect similar to wiping a frosted window with a hand.

With this transformation, Torontonians can now work in an environment full of holiday spirit.

Frost changes its colour when touched by visitors
Frost changes its colour when touched by visitors

(photos by Tanya)

The Brookfield Place’s Snowfall Art Installation