Last Saturday, Trendy Bambini (located at 119 Carville Road in Richmond Hill) hosted a charity fundraiser called Toronto Bakes for Nepal to raise funds for Nepal Emergency Relief.

It was a wonderful day for this outdoor event where we enjoyed food from Nepal and some baked goods. My favourite part was the homemade hot sauce. There was also a playground at the back, with a bouncy castle and an appearance by Tigger. The kids absolutely loved it!

It was a pleasure to speak with the Event Organizer, Louise Lu, Trendy Bambini Owner, Candice Pirali, and friends Shaye Collezioni and Gita Khanal. Gita’s family was one of the thousands left homeless in Kathmandu without tents, food or water due to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25th. The epicentre was close to the Kathmandu area and it is estimated that 7,500 people were left homeless, with 14,500 causalities.

However, a final note from Louise brought us hope, “We have raised $6,200, $4,200 from the Bake Sale alone. It was a huge success! Thank you all for coming out and supporting Toronto Bakes for Nepal!”


(photos by Phil)