Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and so when it comes to skin care, what you put on your body is important. Trinitae skin-care company, has opened up its Canadian flagship store in Trintiy Bellwoods. Trinitae carries a line of skin care products made with all-natural ingredients that make lovely properties for glowing and healthy skin from the Jordan Valley.

Trinitae products are made without sulfates and parabens. The products are also made without synthetic perfumes.

I love olive oil and while I use it in the kitchen, I love using the Nabulsi Soap on my face, natural handcrafted olive oil soap. NUBI TRADING CO. proudly distributes Nabulsi Soap and Trinitae Skincare in North America.
Owners, Hisham Masri and Ariane Laezza are excited to share each brand’s all-natural, beautifully refined artisanal skincare products in Canada.

Trinitae is located on 254 Niagara St. So if you want to make the switch to safer and natural skincare, visit Trinitae. Trinitae’s products are made with only the finest ingredients and feel wonderful on your skin.

(photos by Tanya)

Trinitae Launches All-Natural Soap and Skincare Products in Canada