Twiggy lash studio taipei Microblading eyebrows (Please scroll down for Chinese version中文版請看下面)

It’s been about two months since my first eyebrows Micro-blading session at Twiggy Beauty Lash Studio:

(my 1st Microblading Eyebrow & Lash Extensions session):

My 2nd eyebrow microblade session(and the new Twiggy Lash Studio!):

A lot has happened to them(Twiggy Lash Studio) since. During this time, the studio has already expanded its business from 1 unit to 2 units in the same building (1 dedicated to eyebrow micro-blading and the other for lash extensions). I went in for my second microblading session for my brows. If you missed reading/watching my first experience, you can see it here. It takes about three visits to complete the look, with a window of 1-2 months in between each session. During these two months, I thought my brows had faded to its original vulture naked state, but I am just too blind to see the strokes that are still there. The strokes that remain are light in color. Victor, my makeup artist, pointed them out and reassured me that it was intended to look that way. Because rather than getting everything done once and for all, Victor uses “layering technique” to tattoo the same strokes once after another. The result: a much natural look than your regular permanent makeup, and the prevention of the epic, red caterpillar eyebrow tattoo fail. With Victor’s experience, the whole process took only about an hour, including the 25 minutes of waiting for the numbing cream to take effect. I don’t like doing anything halfway, so I also did lash extensions again. What’s the point of micro-blading your brows when you still have to get that makeup Bag out? Last time was my first time getting lash extensions and I did 0.8cm- 1.1cm mink hair extentions. Having witnessed one of my friends plucking all her lashes out after getting lash extensions due to discomfort, I was afraid that the same would happen to me. But it turned out to be fine, there was no discomfort at all, so I took it up a notch and got the 0.9cm – 1.2 cm mink hair extensions. My lash artist was Midori this time. She shook her head at my awkward lashes, because some of them are just growing out. With professionalism, she crisscrossed some of my lash extensions to hide the funny look.

中文版/ Chinese Version: 我又去美睫狂潮飄眉囉!這是第二次(MISS掉第一次經驗的請點閱這邊),飄眉總共大概要三次,中間各隔1-2個月。本來以為上次的結果已經退光光了,有點小失望,不過在我的飄眉老師Victor的確認之下,這是正常的,因為他們不像一般的飄眉地方ㄧ樣為了省麻煩ㄧ次搞定ㄧ切。他在同一個傷口補上第二次,讓眉毛更有自然的層次感。也避免了我最恐懼的紅色毛毛蟲後遺症(最常見的紋眉失敗案例)。以Victor的專業手法,整個過程只花了差不多ㄧ個小時 (包括敷麻藥的25分鐘!)

我最討厭半途而廢!如果飄眉後還要拿出化妝包刷睫毛,那紋個屁?!經過第一次接睫毛經驗後,我已不再陌生,之前一直不敢嘗試是因為我第一次看到比我長的還像禿鷹的人時是看到一個朋友把接的睫毛全拔光的時候,因為她說不舒服。 可是有過第一次經驗後,我並沒有覺得任何不舒服,我就接了比上次還長0.1cm 的貂毛(上次是0.8cm- 1.1cm, 這次是接0.9cm-1.2cm) 貂毛的毛尾是尖的,效果較自然。 請看我的影片紀錄:

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