Introducing Venus Legacy, a new clinical technology that combines Radio Frequency induced heat and Pulsed Magnetic Fields. It provides non-surgical treatments that can reduce wrinkles and cellulite, improve body shapes, and tighten the skin.

Venus Legacy-1
We had the chance to experience an express 10-minute 4D Face & Neck treatment during the media launch and we were immediately left with a smoother & tighter skin. The treatment was comfortable and feels like a hot stone facial massage.
Normally patients will require six to eight sessions in order to see the dramatic results and each session lasts around 25 minutes, depending on the area treated.

What I like the most is there is absolutely no downtime required for the treatment!

Venus Legacy benefits:

– deep body contouring

– stubborn fat reduction

– cellulite control

– wrinkles softening

– circumferential reduction

– skin tightening