How brilliant of an idea is tap-wine? I was pleased to be invited to Monday’s Versay Wine on tap launch at Rock Lobster to taste 8 different wines, all served on tap! The selection of wines included a Pinot Grigio from Sicily, a Cuvée Rosé from Provence, a Cabernet Sauvignon from California, a Sangiovese from Romagna, a Riesling from Ontario, and so on. They were all personally picked by our friend Rock Lobster to best suit their guests’ tastes. I was surprised how wine on tap can actually taste the same or if anything, better  than bottled wine. This is mainly because storing wine in a keg keeps its freshness and desired temperature. Each Versay keg contains 26 bottles of wine and can be stored up to 3 months. That means less waste, less cost, and more eco-friendly for restaurants! We consumers also get a better value at a lower price!
Lucky for Torontonians, with our rich cultural diversity mindset the idea has been quickly adopted and is set to expand all over the city. Wine lovers can expect to find over 10 locations serving tap wine now!
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