Jorge Joao, the lead Redken hair stylist for World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto, tells us the S/S 2013 main trends for the World MasterCard Fashion Week (WMCFW) Toronto. (scroll down for more back stage photos)

Pink Tartan– Soft & Playful
( Products Used: Redken Iron Shape 11, Argan 6 , Wax Blast 10)

Pavoni – Versailles
( Products Used: Redken Shine Flash 02, Fashion Works 12 )
Korhani – Putting on the Ritz
(Products Used: Fabricate 03, Vinyl Twist 12, Shine Flash 02)Joe Fresh – Modern Retro
(Products Used: Redken Argan 6, Fashion Work 12, Shine Flash 02)Evan Biddell -Club Kid Grown Up
( Products Used: Redken Hard Wear 16, Wax Blast 10, Shine Flash 02 and Fashion Work 12)Bustle – Safari Wild
( Products Used: Redken Work Hard Molding Paste, Dishevel Fiber Cream, Outplay)
Arthur Mendonça – Clean & Fresh
( Products Used: Redken Argan 6, Wax Blast 10, Fashion Work 12, Powder Grip 03)

 (source: Redken)

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