6 Easy Tips to Get A Stylish And Warm Winter Look

Throughout the winter months, it can be hard to stay stylish. The temptation is there, to just stay in your comfy, loose-fitting clothing after consuming far too much food over the festive period.

If you are looking for a few simple ways to improve your style during the winter, it might not be as difficult as you think. There are plenty of ways to stay warm, but still keep up with the latest fashion trends at the same time.

1. Smart Layering

First of all, you should think about creating stylish layers when you choose your outfits during winter. It can be frustrating when you go in and out of shops or homes, as the temperature fluctuates. You start off feeling cold and within seconds, you’re finding yourself wishing that you hadn’t worn that thick jumper!

Stick to layers that look great, but can be easily removed. Summer pieces might sound like a crazy thing to wear during the winter, but when you throw a stylish loose-fitted cardigan, or a cropped jacket over the top it can look great.

Burberry ss15 smart layering
Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 collection smart layering (Image courtesy of Burberry)

If you refresh your wardrobe on a regular basis, you will always have something new and exciting to wear. Sell your unwanted clothing to fund your next purchase!

2. Woven Scarves

Next, think about ways to keep yourself warm and cosy in the cold winter air. You should opt for stylish yet practical accessories like woven scarves that can be worn multi-ways such as a sash or even a headband/turban instead of knitted ones. Choose gloves that have the option for fingerless and full coverage. This will allow you to still use your phone or tablet on the go.

Missoni ss15 yellow scarf worn as a turban
Missoni ss15 yellow scarf worn as a turban (Image courtesy of Missoni)

The luxury of being able to keep your hands and feet warm in winter is an important thing to consider when planning your outfit.

3. Boots

Choose warm, functional winter boots. These can be knee high ones to keep your legs warmer when the wind gets cold. If you opt for ankle boots, make sure that you have a warm pair of socks or tights on underneath.

4. Backpacks

Avoid carrying around a clutch bag during winter, unless it is for a party or evening event. During the daytime, you can wear your bag on your shoulders by looking at trendy designs like Shinola leather backpacks. Backpacks are so on-trend in the fashion scene right now and are real ‘must-haves’ for winter 2015.

5. Glam Accessories

Accessorize your looks with warm tone jewellery such as gold and rose gold. This would be perfect for any festive style or for New Year’s party wear as it looks stylish and glamorous. If money is tight, you can always opt for gold vermeil rather than solid gold. This gives the illusion of expense, on a tight budget.

6. Nail Polish

Add some winter nail polish colours to match your outfit and stick to neutral tones. Deep, dark blacks, browns and burgundy hues also work for an on-trend way to keep ahead of the fashion scene.

Whatever you decide to wear this season, make sure that you are warm and comfortable in whatever you choose, and you can’t go wrong. Feeling confident about your look is half of the battle, after all!

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