Night Party. Over 5000 pieces of collectible artwork from Canadian & international artists /  多倫多Artist Project 2020當代藝術展和開幕慶祝會展出超過5000件來自加拿大和國際藝術家的珍藏藝術品

The Artist Project Toronto 2020 Contemporary art fair & Opening Night Party. Over 5000 pieces of collectible artwork from Canadian & international artists /
多倫多Artist Project 2020當代藝術展和開幕慶祝會展出超過5000件來自加拿大和國際藝術家的珍藏藝術品。

The 13th annual contemporary art fair, Toronto’s Artist Project 2020, was held Feb 20-23 at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place. This year’s event brought together over 300 Canadian and international artists and talents exhibiting over 5000 pieces of artwork.

中文版 / Chinese version:
多倫多第十三屆的年度Toronto’s Artist Project現代藝術展覽會於2月20日至23日在Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place場地舉行。 今年的活動匯聚了300多名加拿大當地及各國國際多才多藝的藝術家,展出5000多件藝術品

  • Artist Project 2020 art competition Winners / 2020 Artist Project 得獎者:

    The winners for the 2020 art competition were: Kristy Blackwell (1st place), Karin Silverstone (2nd place) and Suzanne McNenly (3rd place). There was so much incredible art being shown throughout the fair.

  • Highlights at Toronto Artist Project 2020 / 多倫多 Artist Project 2020藝術展焦點

A few highlights were blown glass sculptures by Curtis Dionne, water-themed paintings by Todd Monk, The Boxing Artist by Jack D.Catherine McMillian‘s Ceramic Donuts, Krovblit‘s Wonder Woman, Tony Taylor’s Started From the Bottom (Drake as an Owl) and Morgan Sheardown‘s Raining Cows were also fantastic.


  • At the entrance was the exciting installation by Tonya Hart, entitled

Towers for a Beam. It featured 13 suspended sculptures that replicate the design of microscopes. Each sculpture is based on the theme of making the invisible fully visible but at a different perception.

There were some other fascinating installations to contemplate. The Shard by Nuff Design was a glowing crystal that was made from resin and Arduino tech. My Grandfather’s Altar by Andre Baynes featured young trees and plants from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. As one gets closer to the installation, it recognizes and responds.

On the Curiousness of a Fieldstone Pile by Synchronized Smile is a pile of stones. These types of mounds (mysterious and also mundane) can be found on any farm field, yet the interior of the pile remains unseen.

Telegenic (a new component of the Artist Project) had six multi-media, video, and V.R. installations: Hogtown Sensory Archive, 2019 by Elina Lex, Project H.E.A.R.T. (Holographic Empathy Attack Robotics Team), 2017 by Erin Gee & Alex M. Lee, La Fable d’OxA 21965, 2019 by Anna Eyler & Nicolas Lapointe, H1BA-CURSES, 2019 by Hiba Ali, Distance, 2017 by Maria Patricia Abuel and Theosophy, 2019 by Katie Kotler.
Yorkville Murals festival showcased a mural by Montreal based urban artist, WHATISADAM, and collected onsite artist portfolio submissions for murals for their upcoming 2020 event.

Artist Project Toronto 2020 artfair - 多倫多Toronto's Artist Project現代藝術展覽會
Yorkville Murals

The Untapped Emerging Artists Competition was presented by DeSerres and had 20 of Canada’s best up and coming artists who were given the space (at no cost) to show their works. This year’s theme was where the past and future converge.

Emerging Artists Competition was presented by DeSerres

Art Battle, a live competitive painting was held on Feb 21 and had 16 artists competing in three 20 minute rounds. The artists were judged by the attendees, who then got to bid for the art in a silent auction. The participating artists were: Ale Groen, Andrew Cheddie Sookrah, Anthony Vandertuin, Anya Mielniczek, Barb TenEycke, Cathy Boyd, Ebrin Bagheri, Eugenia Elde, Hasibush Shaheed, Kate Domina, Katrina Canedo, Matt Wood, Naz Nahidi, Meaghan Kehoe, Moses Salihou, and Shani Kalev.

Art Chats Seminars at The Artist Project 2020 Toronto Contemporary Art Fair / 多倫多The Artist Project 2020現代藝術展論壇:


Art Chats Seminars at The Artist Project 2020 Toronto Contemporary Art Fair / 多倫多The Artist Project 2020現代藝術展
Art Chats Seminars at The Artist Project 2020 Toronto Contemporary Art Fair / 多倫多The Artist Project 2020現代藝術展論壇

The Art Chats seminars were held all weekend on a variety of topics. Topics included:

  • Creating/Curating/Collecting: Perspectives on Art & Tech (moderated by Shannon Linde)
  • The Basics of Collecting and Displaying art (moderated by Lynda Reeves and Ashley Mulvihill)
  •  Templeton Philharmonic, What is the Role of Studio Spaces in Creating a More Equitable and Artistic Community (presented by Akin)
  • Remaking the World, What Does it Mean to Work across Disciplines Today? ( moderated by Joy Xiang).
  • Artist Project Toronto 2020 Opening Night Party / 多倫多Toronto’s Artist Project現代藝術展開幕晚會:

At the Toronto Artist Project Opening Night Party 2020, guests got to create their own collages and enjoy a live painting done by artist Molotow.

Guests sampled drinks from Romeo’s Gin, Walter’s Caesar, Vodkow, SoCIAL LITE VODKA, Founder’s Original, Villa Maria Wine, and Collective Arts Brewing. There were bites from MoMo Hui, Tabule, Madrina Bar y Tapas, and Belfast Love and A.G. Macarons as dessert.
Entertainment was provided by LUXELIFE SOUND and the very talented DJs JAYEMKAYEM and Ace Dillinger.

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