Bingo Loco Toronto: A Wild Night of Bingo and Raving

Bingo Loco: A Wild Night of Bingo and Raving in Toronto

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On the night of Friday, October 20, 2023, Bingo Loco made its eagerly awaited comeback in Toronto at The Carlu. Established in 2017 by Dublin-based friends Craig Reynolds, Stephen Lawless, and William Meara, Bingo Loco is a distinctive show that combines the best elements of a rave with the traditional game of Bingo. Add a charismatic MC, confetti cannons, and alluring prizes, and the result is an extravagant, exhilarating, and boisterous experience.

Previous prizes for successful bingo ravers include a Mini Cooper, tickets to international music festivals, and all-inclusive vacations to exotic destinations. Bingo Loco has already become the biggest craze to sweep through The United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Dubai, and the U.S.

Highlights from the evening:

A Literal Bang to Start:

After a smooth check-in at the entrance, all attendees made their way to The Concert Hall, where an evening of lively music and shenanigans awaited them. While waiting for the show to start, everyone got a glimpse of some of the prizes that were displayed on stage. Some of these prizes included a life-size cut-out of Harry Styles, adult novelty toys, and a guitar. The biggest prize of the night was an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas.

Soon, the music was pumped all the way up, and the show finally began. The evening’s MC/Bingo Caller David Caulfield, DJ SAMe O.T., and the dance crew kicked the evening off on a really strong note. They brought high energy, fun dance moves, confetti guns, and laughs. Watching David try to sit on a flaccid dildo that refused to stay upright was hilarious!

With one final firing of a confetti gun and some housekeeping rules, Bingo Loco was underway.

Dance Breaks in Between Game Play

The Bingo was played as normal, with a total of nine panels of numbers on a card. To my surprise, the bingo cards the attendees received were European Bingo cards. Each card had 15 numbers divided into 3 rows (5 numbers per row). There were prizes for matching a single line, two lines, and three lines. While David did give a quick breakdown of the bingo cards, it would have helped if the host (or somewhere on the website) went into a bit more detail about the European mode of Bingo we were all playing that evening.

After a few numbers were called out, the music started to play. D.J. SAMe O.T. selected some great throwback tunes that were guaranteed to get the crowd up and excited. When “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston blasted out of the speakers, everyone jumped to their feet and belted the lyrics with all of their hearts and souls. Everyone went mad upon hearing “Mambo No.5 (A Little Bit of…)” by Lou Bega after No.5 was called. It’s hard not to get swept up and carried away by the atmosphere. By the end of the night, people were dancing on the tables.

The final round of the game was the ‘Rave Round.’ Just before starting gameplay on the last page of the bingo card, everything stopped for ten minutes of intense dancing. The song choice? The classic techno banger, “Sandstorm” by Darude. Glowsticks were thrown into the crowd. What followed was a moment of pure, unadulterated fun as people danced, drank, and got their phones out to record the craziness.

Crazy but Fun

Bingo Loco took the basic game of Bingo and turned it into a fun and naughty night out! The MC was cheeky, the music was campy, and dancing with complete abandon was cathartic. As people were leaving, some were overheard saying, “That was crazy but fun,” and “We’re coming back next year!” It’s safe to say that Bingo Loco Toronto was a huge success, and Fashion Ecstasy hopes to see their return for another round in 2024.


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