Bodum Northern European-style Programmable Coffee Maker Machine Open Box Review

  • Bodum Northern European-Style Programmable Coffee maker open box review:

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Back when I was 15 years old, working at a 7-11 convenience store, I was crowned as the Number 1 face of that 7-11 joint. The manager of the adjacent Starbucks “managed” to give me the largest cup(at the time) of the most expensive drink on their menu at the time, the “Caramel Java Chip Frappuccino,” every day with the intention to poach me. Since then, I’ve gotten into the habit of always having a cup of Starbucks in hand daily. Fast forward several years later, after I immigrated to Canada, Starbucks‘ cup sizing just grew bigger and bigger. The original “tallsize became the new “small, “and even the “Grande,” which means “large” in the Latin language, became Starbucks‘ “medium cup.” In addition, whether it was to honour the Italian roots or to meet customersneeds, Starbucks even added the unprecedented “Venti,” which literally translates as: “twenty” in the Italian language, to define the new “largesize. Now Starbucks even introduced an extra 31-ounce “Trentacup, making one wonder when it will end.

Considering excessive caffeine intake, in the past, I would control myself only to buy Starbucks‘ “Tall” size. After learning that the happiest nation in the world, Finland and other Nordic countries, consume an average of eight to nine cups a day, I immediately upgraded my Starbucks intake habit to the largest size at the time, “Venti.” Moreover, I even went for seconds and thirds, consuming it like water. It was my happy place. Fortunately, I never was a fan of sugary drinks, so I only drank Americano or black coffee. Otherwise, I would have had The Three Highs by now.

Taiwan is a land of hobos, so drinking Starbucks is considered a luxury, but locals here don’t know Starbucks isn’t even regarded as real coffee in Italy. As you all know, I went to Italy to study for my master’s degree. Back then, whenever I ordered an “Americano,” the baristas/ baristi would first give me a dirty look, check me out from head to toe, hand me a cup of espresso with anger, and then vigorously place a pot of hot water in front of me. As if to tell me: “I refuse to take part in this process of insulting our culture; you’re on your own.” Whenever I mentioned “Starbucks” to the locals in Italy, they’d laugh at me. It was not until I tasted my first sip of the coffee from the localilly Cafe” that I had a moment of epiphany and realized, “So this is what “real coffeetastes like!”

Since then, I have also regarded Starbucks as “fake coffee,” just like the Italians. Sadly, after I became a “low-life disabled person” and relocated to this hobo island, I had no choice but to downgrade my standards to drinking coffee from convenience stores or made with coffee machines at home. While I may look like I’m enjoying the extra large cup of coffee in hand, what I’m actually gulping down is coffee mixed with sad, salty tears.
On November 11th, commemorated as the “Double 11 shopping festival” in Taiwan, my mother did an online shopping haul and bought a Bodum Programmable Coffee maker. While unboxing, the size of this coffee machine alone gives it an extra 10 points. The product is named as “Northern Europe-stylecoffee machine in Chinese. It genuinely reminds me of the hotel I stayed in when I travelled to Northern Europe; even standing on my tiptoe, I couldn’t blow dry my hair after showering because the mirror was too high. This coffee machine‘s large capacity of 1.5 litres stays true to its “Northern European-style” name. We’re delighted with this upgrade from the tiny coffee machine that we just replaced.

  • Bodum Northern European-Style Programmable Coffee maker model explanation:

The top cover of the Bodum Programmable Coffee maker machine is designed with transparent material so users can see the coffee-making process from start to finish.
There is an LCD display and buttons on the front of the machine, not only for immediate but also for scheduled brewing.
The lid of the 1.5-liter large-capacity unique glass pot adopts a drainage design, which can store the coffee without lifting the lid.
The body of the fuselage adopts a black monocolour and minimalist design, making it not just a coffee machine but also an addition of a chic home interior design piece just by placing it anywhere at home.

  • How to use Bodum’s Programmable Coffee maker machine?

The Bodum Programmable Coffee maker machine simulates the pour-over coffee method‘s number of coffee extractions. The most convenient part of the device is that it uses a non-consumable filter designed with safe materials to avoid the waste and odour of the usual disposable paper coffee filters. This design is a huge plus that saves us the hassle of asking our Canadian friends and family to save a corner of space in their suitcase for a pack of coffee filters for us, as stores don’t sell them in Taiwan.
The bottom of the unique filter holder under the filter uses the drip method to simulate segmented extraction.
The design of the shower screen above the filter stand concentrates the water flow onto the plate and then drips it on the ground coffee through the hole. Using the “filter brewingmethod, the water flow is heated through the pipeline in the body of the machine, concentrated into the nozzle,  passes through the drip, and then sprinkled on the ground coffee in the same way to achieve the simulating of the water injection and steaming process of hand pour-over coffee.

A Bodum Northern European-Style Programmable drip coffee maker machine can avoid the complicated procedures and utensils of general coffee making while serving fragrant and rich coffee.
When I took my first sip of coffee made with Bodum‘s Northern European-Style Programmable drip coffee maker machine, what I sipped was, again, salty coffee mixed with tears. However, this time the tears mixed into my coffee are tears of joy, the joy of the first time tasting a full-bodied coffee that somewhat reminds me of Italy‘s illy coffee. I bunch my fingers together, give it a “Proprio da Bacio,” and finish with a “Bouno~!”


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