Casa Loma’s Holiday Lights Tour- a Great Way to Celebrate the festive Holiday Season

Casa Loma’s Holiday Lights Tour- a Great Way to Celebrate the festive Holiday Season / 多倫多卡薩羅馬城堡節日燈飾之旅是慶祝即將來臨的聖誕節日假期的絕佳方式

(中文版向下看 / scroll down for the Chinese version)

(中譯:殘編 /  Chinese translation: Tanya Hsu)

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Visiting Casa Loma‘s Holiday Lights Tour is a great way to celebrate the festive season. This outdoor and indoor experience takes you through the magical forest surrounding the castle, where there are thousands of lights and lots of surprises.

中文版 / Chinese version:
參觀多倫多卡薩羅馬城堡英語:Casa Loma)的「 Holiday Lights Tour節日燈飾慶祝即將來臨聖誕節日假期的絕佳方式。 這種室外室內的體驗將帶您穿越城堡周圍的神奇森林,那裡有成千上萬的燈光和許多驚喜

As we walked through the grounds, we were greeted by three lovely Christmas carolers who entertained us with their beautiful versions of holiday classics. Of course, the Grinch made a special appearance, and he was his usual unhappy self, which made us laugh out loud. Sorry, not sorry! That looked like a Wookie who came to say hello. There were so many gorgeous displays to see, making the experience a true delight to our eyes.
We sipped our hot chocolate (with whipped cream and marshmallows) and enjoyed the crisp winter air. The outdoor holiday tree looked spectacular!

中文版 / Chinese version:
當我們穿過場地時,我們受到了三位可愛聖誕頌歌者的熱情歡迎,他們用他們繞梁三日的美妙歌聲唱出他們版本的經典聖誕歌曲娛樂我們。 綠毛格林奇(鬼靈精英文: 「The Grinch」)當然也是一如既往的不開心,卻逗得我們哈哈大笑。 歹勢,並不覺得對不起! 那一個看起來像是伍基人的人竟來跟我們打招呼。 有這麼多華麗展示可供觀看,是一個給我們的眼睛真正享受的一種體驗

我們喝著雙手捧著加了生奶油棉花糖熱巧克力享受加拿大多倫多冬季清新的空氣。 假期戶外耶誕樹看起來再也壯觀過了!

As we stepped into the pavilion, there was a pretty display of “candy treats” and decorated trees. So many teddy bears too! And gnomes! The singing penguins did extraordinary renditions of festive songs.

Walking through the magical tunnels, we found ourselves at the Santa letter-writing area, so we sent Santa our requests. Hopefully, he fulfills our wishes. The musical reindeer were so adorable.

Of course, when we got to Santa’s workshop, we were met by Mrs. Claus and his helper. Then it came to our turn to ask Santa for something special. Santa delighted us and promised to make our wishes come true.

中文版 / Chinese version:
當我們走進亭子時,亭內展示漂亮糖果裝飾滿滿的樹木,還有一大堆泰迪熊! 還有侏儒唱歌企鵝表演了非凡的聖誕節歌曲

穿過神奇隧道,我們來到了聖誕老人寫信區,於是我們向聖誕老人發送了我們的聖誕願望。 希望聖誕老公公能讓它們實現。 一旁的音樂馴鹿非常可愛

當然,當我們到達聖誕老公公工作室時,聖誕夫人和他的助手迎接我們。 然後就輪到我們向聖誕老人要一些特別的東西了。 聖誕老公公除了逗我們開心之外,還答應讓我們的願望成真

Casa Loma‘s Holiday Lights Tour runs until Jan 8, 2023., from 5 pm-10 pm.
Tickets are available at

中文版 / Chinese version:
多倫多卡薩羅馬城堡Casa Loma )的「 Holiday Lights Tour假日燈光舉辦2023年 1 月 8 日,從下午5點到晚上10 點。


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