Dante Coffee Taiwan Open Box Review, Healthy & Yummy

台灣丹提咖啡開箱試吃食記評價 – 健康不失美味 / Dante Coffee Taiwan Open Box Review, Healthy & Yummy

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English version / 英文版:
Dante Coffee is another cafe chain store in Taiwan among Starbucks, Cama, 85℃ Bakery Café, and various other cafes/coffee shop chains. Since childhood, Dante Coffee Taiwan has always provided delicious Western-style meals. Starbucks was not inferior with its food options. Sadly, recently I have not seen any food items at Starbucks Taiwan that are legit enough to be called “Western food.” Most food options at Taiwan‘s Starbucks are pastries and sweets. Therefore, nowadays, people in Taiwan go to Starbucks merely for coffee. For food, other options like Dante Coffee, Barista Coffee, Ikari Coffe, and so on, serve more desirable options.
Time flies; it has already been a few years since the last time I visited Dante Coffee in Taiwan. Hence, when I passed by Dante Coffee‘s Shipai‘s location yesterday, I just had to do an open box review and see if the food still lived up to its past standards.


English version / 英文版:
The open box this time turns out to be a pleasant surprise. Fans familiar with my food reviews know that I prefer to eat healthier food. The three dishes in our open box are all surprisingly healthy and delicious at the same time. Below I’ll be introducing them one by one for you:

  • 燻鮭魚乳酪貝果 ($150元)/ “Lox & Cheese Bagel ($150)”:


English version / 英文版:
This jumbo bagel is bigger than the size of my face. As its name suggests, the filling is the classic WesternLOX,” which includes salmon and cream cheese. However, Dante Coffee takes its “LOX & Cheese Bagel” up a few notches. The cream cheese isn’t just any ordinary cream cheese but with the addition of either tuna or some other seafood and pepper mix that instantly turns this unique mix into cream cheese gold. Even with the cost increase on this cream cheese, Dante generously stuffs enough amount for it to squeeze out of the hole in the middle of this jumbo bagel. In addition to the smoked salmon and cream cheese ingredients, the cross-section view of the bagel is multi-coloured, revealing other ingredients, including lettuce and tomato. The seafood-infused cream cheese has an extra moist texture, balancing and completing the firmer bagel bread.

  • 香草烤雞蘿蔓沙拉 ($220元) / “Herb Roasted Chicken Romaine Salad ($220)”:


English version / 英文版:
A bed of Romaine lettuce salad is topped with corn chips, which immediately adds a crunchy texture to the entire dish and a bland salad into a unique dish. The salad is topped with sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes cut in half, and a generous amount of grilled chicken chops. The dressing that comes with this salad is also a vinegar-based vinaigrette, with a light sweetness and a hint of peanuts, making it less burdensome than other dressings. I usually only add balsamic to my salad. I’m not fond of any fatty dressings like ranch or Caesar. Eating Dante Coffee Taiwan‘s “Herb Roasted Chicken Romaine Salad” is once in a blue moon when I go all-in and dump the whole container of dressing after giving it a taste. Dante Coffee reinforces its salad dressing container with tape so it stays safe and sound even after a passionate session in your vehicles. The grilled chicken on top is flavourful and similar to the Japanese teriyaki flavour.

  • GRANOLA莓果優格碗 / “Mix Berries & Granola Yogurt Bowl ($179)”:


English version / 英文版:
This healthy, non-greasy dish makes a completely unburdened dessert. Original flavoured yogurt is sprinkled with a thick layer of granola and sweet and sour mixed berries, reminding you of your first puppy love.

  • 時尚高潮台灣丹提咖啡開箱試吃食記總評價 / Dante Coffee Taiwan Open Box Review in a Nutshell:


English version / 英文版:
After all those years, Dante Coffee Taiwan still lives up to its past standards on its food options. They are delicious and healthier than before, which is a step-up. It’s my loss for not visiting Dante Coffee in the past few years. Next time, I’ll do another open box review when I have the opportunity. Make sure to subscribe to our blog/website via the right sidebar. It’s free and you don’t want to miss it! Meanwhile, stay tuned and healthy!

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