Atout France 法國駐加拿大旅遊發展署所推薦的迪奧(Dior)和諾曼底珠寶首飾(Normandy Jewels)時尚法國旅行程 / Destination France- Dior and Normandy Jewels Itinerary

Destination France- Dior and Normandy Jewels / Atout France 法國駐加拿大旅遊發展署所推薦的迪奧(Dior)和諾曼底珠寶首飾(Normandy Jewels)時尚/法國旅行程

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(Chinese translation by Tanya / 中譯:殘編)
In light of the global pandemic, Atout France Canada took its annual travel show, Destination France, and changed its format to a virtual, four-day-long conference. From February 22nd to the 25th, 2021, tour operators, media, and travel industry professionals participated in one-on-one virtual meetings, training sessions, and media presentations that covered different destinations within France. Fashion Ecstasy had the pleasure to sit in on the Dior and Normandy Jewels webinar on Wednesday, February 24th, 2021.

>中文版 / Chinese version:
鑑於全球疫情大流行,Atout France Canada法國駐加拿大旅遊發展署

將年度舉辦的旅行展Destination France」改為網路視訊虛擬、為期四天的會議展。從2021年2月22日至25日,旅遊業者、媒體和其他業專業人士齊聚電腦前參加涵蓋法國不同目的地的一對一虛擬會議、培訓課程和媒體演示。 2021年2月24日(星期三),時尚高潮很榮幸受邀參加迪奧Dior)和諾曼底珠寶首飾Normandy Jewels)的網絡研討會。

The webinar began with a short video and discussion about the ongoing Christian Dior exhibition at the McCord Museum in Montreal, QC. On display until May 2nd, 2021, the exhibition chronicles the Dior brand’s legacy that revived Paris’ haute couture industry and continues to influence the fashion industry to this day. The exhibition features 48 dresses and everyday garments as well as a massive selection of jewellery, perfumes, shoes and accessories, sketches, and photographs that gave deep insight into the life and times of Christian Dior and the eponymous fashion house

中文版 / Chinese version:
網絡研討會以一部短片開場,並討論在魁北克省(QC)蒙特婁的McCord博物館正在舉辦的Christian Dior展覽。展覽將一直持續到2021年5月2日, 此展覽包含Dior品牌的傳承該品牌帶領巴黎高級時裝業復興,並持續影響當今時裝業的紀錄,並展出48件禮服和日常服裝,以一系列的珠寶、香水、鞋子配件、素描和攝影作品,讓造訪者深入了解克里斯汀·迪奧Christian Dior)和同名時裝品牌的精神。

Visitors Get A Chance to Win a Trip to France and Live a 4-Day Dior Life / 參展領大獎,送你去法國當四天的克里斯汀·迪奧

In a partnership with Atout France Canada, the McCord Museum launched a contest for its visitors that run until April 18th, 2021. The contest is only open to residents of Québec. The grand prize of this contest is a trip for two to France with Air France, where the winners would spend four days in Granville on the Normandy coast, the birthplace of Christian Dior. Dior’s childhood home, a pink Belle Epoque-style mansion, sits on top of a cliff overlooking the sea and is close to Mont-Saint-Michel.

中文版 / Chinese version:
透過與Atout France法國駐加拿大旅遊發展署的合作,蒙特婁麥科德博物館McCord Museum
)為參觀者舉辦了一場有獎競賽,該競賽持續至2021年4月18日,僅開放魁北克居民參加。這項比賽的大獎是兩張搭法國航空Air France)的法國之旅。得獎者將在克里斯汀.迪奧(Christian Dior)的出生地諾曼第海岸的格蘭維爾Granville)度過四天。投宿於迪奧Dior)童年住的一座粉紅佳麗時代風格的豪宅。此豪宅座落在俯瞰大海的懸崖頂上、靠近聖米歇爾山(Mont-Saint-Michel)。
Marie-Andrée Boucher, the Press Manager for Atout France Canada, then invited Lisa Dubois into the webinar. Lisa Dubois, General Manager for Get to France, went into detail about many of the unmissable destinations that lie between Granville and Dieppe. The first stop mentioned was Bayeux, the richly historic French town that was fortunate enough to avoid much of the destruction and tragedy that ravaged other parts of France. The world-famous Bayeux tapestry, or La Tapisserie de la Reine Mathilde, is currently housed in the Musée de la Tapisserie de Bayeux (Bayeux Museum) and depicts the 
Norman Conquest of England in 1066, a seismic event that shifted the power balance from England to France and changed the English language forever.

中文版 / Chinese version:
Atout France Canada法國駐加拿大旅遊發展署的公關經理Marie-Andrée Boucher隨後邀請 Get to France的總經理Lisa Dubois加入網絡研討會。
Lisa Dubois詳細介紹了格蘭維爾Granville)和迪耶普Dieppe)之間許多不可錯過的一座歷史雖悠久卻得倖免於難的國小鎮,那場席捲法國大面積破壞的悲劇。舉世聞名的巴約掛毯(或稱為La Tapisserie de la Reine Mathilde)目前安置在巴約掛毯博物館Muséede la Tapisserie de Bayeux)中,描繪著1066年的諾曼征服英格蘭,這是一次地震事件,使平衡的力量從英格蘭轉移到了法國,也從此永遠改變了英語語言

  • Caen, Where Foodies can Taste Apple Brandy from Home to Calvados / 康城 – 美食家可在Calvado卡爾瓦多斯蘋果白蘭地酒的故鄉品酒

Calvados / Calvado卡爾瓦多斯蘋果白蘭地酒
(By User:Mahlum – Own work, Public Domain,

Another city mentioned was Caen in the Calvados department. Tourists can find the burial site of William the Conqueror inside L’Abbaye-Aux-Hommes. For foodies, Caen is also home to Calvados, the famous apple brandy. In Pont-l’Evêque, a museum is centered explicitly on Calvados and includes a tasting with every entry. 

中文版 / Chinese version:
再介紹的是另一個城市–卡爾瓦多斯省的康城遊客可以在L’Abbaye-Aux-Hommes卡昂男子修道院內找到征服者威廉William the Conqueror)的墓地。針對熱愛美食觀光客康城還是著名的卡爾瓦多斯蘋果白蘭地Calvados)的故鄉。在蓬萊韋屈埃Pont-l’Evêque)位於Calvados的中心設有一座供觀光客品嚐Calvado卡爾瓦多斯蘋果白蘭地酒博物館

  • Dieppe – Where the Beaches and Seafoods Are / 迪耶普 – 海邊與海鮮的天堂

The last stop mentioned was Dieppe in the Seine-Maritime département. The city has been a long-time favourite destination for many travellers to France. In the early 19th century, Dieppe established itself as France’s very first seaside resort because of its location along the Alabaster coast, its pebble beach, and abundance of fresh, delicious seafood. Speaking of seafood, thousands of visitors flock to the city every year to attend the Herring and Scallops festival, where they sample and enjoy a mouth-watering array of herring and scallops as well as entertainment for all ages. The Dieppe International Kite Festival also draws in hundreds of thousands of visitors to see different kinds of kites soar through the sky, attend kite building workshops, and enjoy live entertainment. 

中文版 / Chinese version:
提到的最後一站是濱海塞納省的迪耶普。這座城市一直是許多前往法國的旅行者最愛的景點。 19世紀初,迪耶普Dieppe)憑著它座落在法國阿拉巴斯特Alabaster海岸、卵石灘以及擁有豐富的鮮美海鮮等優勢而成為法國的第一個海邊渡假勝地。說到海鮮,每年成千上萬的遊客湧進這座城市,參加它的扇貝鯡魚節。參加扇貝鯡魚節觀光客可以品嚐令人垂涎的鯡魚干貝,以及為各年齡層安排的娛樂活動。此外,迪耶普國際風箏節也吸引成千上萬的遊客造訪,目睹各式各樣的風箏在天上飛翔的景觀、參加風箏製作工作坊,並享受現場演奏和娛樂節目。

  • Juno Beach – Where Travelers Learn The History of WW2 From Veterans, First Hand / 朱諾海灘 – 從退役軍人學習二次世界大戰的第一首歷史故事與內幕:

The last presenter in the webinar was Rebecca Le Savoureaux, the Juno Beach Center‘s sales manager. Juno Beach was the second beach among the five landing beaches of the Normandy Invasion during World War 2. On June 6th, 1944, 150,000 allied soldiers (including 14,000 Canadian soldiers) stormed the beach to liberate Normandy from the German forces. Canadian armed forces, navy, and air force played a crucial role in this campaign that marked the beginning of the end of World War II. Travelers can visit the Juno Beach Centre to learn more about the D-Day landings and Canadians’ contributions and sacrifices to the war. Canadian tour guides lead visitors through the permanent and temporary exhibit rooms where they learn firsthand accounts from veterans, view photographs and movies, and even see the Atlantic Wall, the 3200-mile long system of mines, tank traps, and other defenses that the German forces erected to keep out the Allied forces (which, obviously, failed spectacularly).

中文版 / Chinese version:
網絡研討會的最後一位演講者是朱諾海灘中心Juno Beach Center)的銷售經理Rebecca Le Savoureau朱諾海灘第二次世界大戰期間諾曼底入侵的五個登陸海灘中的第二個海灘。 1944年6月6日,15萬盟軍(其中包括14,000名加拿大士兵)進軍海灘,將諾曼底從德軍手中解放出來。加拿大陸軍、海軍和空軍在這場為第二次世界大戰畫上句號的戰役中,發揮了關鍵性的貢獻。旅客可以參觀朱諾海灘中心,了解更多有關「D日登陸日」的歷史故事以及加拿大人對二次世界大戰戰爭的貢獻和犧牲。加拿大導遊帶領遊客進入永久性和臨時性展覽室,遊客在此可從退伍軍人獲知第一手情報、觀看照片和紀錄片,甚至看大西洋壁壘,長達3200英里的地雷布陣、反坦克樁和和德軍為抵禦盟軍而建立立的其他防禦措施(顯然終究還是失敗了)。

  • Atout France Canada’s Hard Work During The Pendemic, After The borders Are Ooen, 1st Stop, Fance! / 防疫期間,法國觀光局仍努力發展,疫情過後第一個網法國衝!

It has almost been one year since the world had utterly closed its borders to international travellers. The effects have been unprecedented, directly impacting livelihoods, economies, and tourism on a global scale. Even with the challenges, Atout France Canada has been busy in their activities, all with international travel anticipation resuming in late 2021-2022. When it is safe to resume international travel, our team at Fashion Ecstasy highly recommend the region of Normandy, France, as it is a fascinating region rich in history and culture.

中文版 / Chinese version:
自新型冠狀病毒疫情爆發,各國對遊客鎖國已經快一年了。其影響前所未見,直接影響了全球的生計、經濟和旅遊業。即使面臨挑戰,Atout France法國駐加拿大旅遊發展署仍然忙於開展活動,所有國際旅行業和觀光計畫預計在2021-2022年末恢復。如果可以安全地恢復國際旅行時尚高潮強烈推薦各位旅行家考慮前往法國的諾曼底地區深度旅遊,因為它是一個蘊含豐富歷史和文化的迷人地區。


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