Elevate 2019, Canada’s Top Tech and Innovation Conference

Elevate 2019, Canada’s top tech and innovation conference – Toronto Mayor John Tory , Guy Kawasaki, Martha Stewart , Toronto Raptors’ Masai Ujiri, Michelle Obama, and more notable speakers!

Elevate 2019,加拿大最大頂級科技業與創新研討會邀請加拿大太空國際太空站的指揮官Chris Hadfield、多倫多市長John Tory、蘋果公司中最早銷售Macintosh(麥金塔)電腦的市場營銷專家Guy Kawasaki、美國前總統夫人跟暢銷書《 Becoming》的作者蜜雪兒・歐巴 (Michelle Obama)、多倫多暴龍隊總裁 Masai Ujiri、與更多世界知名創業家及名人同聚一堂

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Elevate 2019, Canada’s top tech and innovation conference
was held at Toronto‘s Meridian Hall. Each year, world-renowned speakers, innovators and disruptors come together to share their stories, ideas and products that are shaping our collective future.
This year’s theme was entitled Moonshot, celebrating 50 years since the lunar landing.
There were many highlights at Elevate 2019.
Razor Suleman, co-founder and CEO of Elevate, announced the new partnership between Elevate, Design Exchange and United Nations Development Programme. As a result, Elevate DX will be the Canadian headquarters for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The goals aimed at improving the future of our world by 2030 in the areas such as poverty, inequality and climate change. Changemakers will be provided with the space and resources at Elevate DX to work on these goals.
Toronto Mayor John Tory welcomed attendees to the festival.
There were back-to-back sessions with some of the most celebrated innovators from a variety of backgrounds.

Elevate Co-Chair and Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield, Commander of the International Space Station, gave his keynote on how we got to the moon. He has also had a meet and greet book signing afterwards. It was a pleasure to meet him and to chat about his love of music.

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield
Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield with Fashion Ecstasy at Elevate 2019 /
加拿大太空人克里斯·哈德菲爾 (Chris Hadfield)

Guy Kawasaki, marketing specialist, and who brought the term “evangelist” to the mainstream, told his story from his perspective of life in technology. He was one of the first Apple employees to market the Macintosh computer.

Martha Stewart, lifestyle expert, author, television host and friend of rapper Snoop Dogg, spoke about her new partnership with Canopy Growth to help develop new CBD products.
Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo, discussed the importance of video and how it is accessible to all.

Akon, singer and Chairman and Co-founder of cryptocurrency Akoin, talked about how one can use social influence for good. He has put that into practice through his Akon Lighting Africa organization, where he has brought solar power to 18 African countries.

Some of the other speakers were Masai Ujiri, (Toronto Raptors President), Jillionaire (artist), Director X ( filmmaker and music video producer), Neil Blumenthal (Co-founder and Co-Ceo Warby Parker) Michele Romanow (Dragon’s Den), Dan Doctoroff (CEO Sidewalk Labs), Yancey Strickler (Co-founder Kickstarter), Vala Afshar ( Chief Digital Evangelist Salesforce) and John Battelle (Co-founder and CEO Recount Media).

Yancey Strickler (Co-founder of Kickstarter) at Elevate 2019 / Kickstarter 共同創辦人兼CEO Yancey Strickler
Yancey Strickler (Co-founder of Kickstarter) at Elevate 2019 / Kickstarter 共同創辦人兼CEO Yancey Strickler

In a separate evening presentation, Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the USA and author of her memoir, Becoming, chatted about her life.

Over the 6 days, there were many other panels on a variety of subjects.

Data Analytics had speakers from Shopify, Loyalty One, SAP and Salesforce among the many others. Jesse Hirsch of the Academy of the Impossible welcomed everyone.
Digital Transformation at MARS Centre had speakers from McDonalds and Government of Ontario.

Other topics presented included Wellness, Youth, Business, AI, Money, Smart Cities Summit 4.0, New Media, Retail and Talent.

In addition to the panels, there were some exciting interactive events.

Tech Jam hackathon consisted of 1000 participants (working in teams) who competed to present their best solutions for some of the leading world issues. Winners earned cash prizes and exclusive experiences. This year’s winners were Harbour Street Boys, Roger That! Rotman Reptiles, Matcha, Sharelock Holmes and Uptown Funk.

ElevateR Pitch involved 32 of Canada’s top startups who compete in front of investors and celebrity judges for the chance to win funding and to pitch their companies on the Elevate Main Stage. This year’s winner was Maryam Navabi of Village Technologies.

Startup Open House allowed attendees to visit and learn about the corporate culture of Toronto’s startups.
After each day, attendees headed off to Elevate Social, where King St. W. was transformed into a tech celebration with performances by Akon, meditation hosted by Director X, a Ferris wheel, happy hour networking opportunities and even a meet and greet with Toronto Raptors Serge Ibaka.

(中文版/ Chinese version):

加拿大最重要的科技和創新大會Elevate 2019多倫多Meridian Hall舉行。此會議每年邀請世界知名的演講者、創業家和顛覆者齊聚一堂,分享他們的經驗、想法和產品,這些資訊都是正在塑造我們的共同未來的關鍵。



Elevate 2019涵蓋了許多重點與科技業CEO所宣布的新計畫。

Elevate 創始人兼執行長Razor Suleman宣布了Elevate、Design Exchange聯合國開發計劃署
之間的新合夥關係。因此,Elevate DX將成為聯合國「全球永續發展目標」在加拿大的總部。這些目標旨在到2030年間在貧困、不平等和氣候變化等領域改善我們世界的未來。 Elevate DX將為所有具影響力的人物提供空間和資源,以實現這些目標。

多倫多市長John Tory現身歡迎參加此活動的來賓。



加拿大太空人並曾擔任國際太空站的指揮官也同時擔任Elevate聯合主席的 Chris Hadfield(克里斯·奧斯汀·哈德菲爾) 發表了我們人類如何到達月球作的主題演講。之後,他還當場舉辦了見面會與簽書會。Hadfield時尚高潮聊起他聊起他對音樂的熱愛,能親自見到他是時尚高潮團隊的一大榮幸。

市場營銷專家Guy Kawasaki(蓋伊•川崎)從科技生活的角度描述了他的故事,蓋伊是將科技業“傳福音者”一詞帶入了主流的人。他是蘋果公司中最早銷售Macintosh(麥金塔)電腦的員工之一。


生活著名專欄作家與電視節目主持人Martha Stewart (瑪莎·史都華)同時也為格莱美獎美國饒舌歌手史努比狗狗(Snoop Dogg)的摯友。瑪莎宣布了談到了她與Canopy Growth嶄新的合作關係,以幫助開發新的CBD產品。
Vimeo執行長Anjali Sud 探討了視頻的重要性以及它如何與所有人息息相關。

歌手Akon加密貨幣(電子貨幣Akoin的董事長兼聯合創始人談到了人們如何才能善加利用社會影響力。他通過他的Akon Lighting Africa組織將這一點付諸實踐,將太陽能帶到了18個非洲國家。


其他名人演講者包括多倫多暴龍隊總裁 Masai Ujiri 、音樂家/ DJ Jillionaire、電影製片人和音樂MV製作人Director X 、Warby Parker聯合創始人兼執行長Neil Blumenthal、創業投資節目「Dragon’s Den」(龍穴)創業家Michele Romanow、Sidewalk Labs執行長Dan Doctoroff、知名募資網站Kickstarter 共同創辦人兼CEO Yancey Strickler、Salesforce 首席數字媒體營銷師Vala Afshar和Recount Media聯合創始人兼CEO John Battelle


研討會的其中一個晚上還邀到美國前總統夫人跟暢銷書《 Becoming》的作者蜜雪兒・歐巴馬Michelle Obama)親自聊自己的人生故事。

Elevate 2019研討會6天中,還有更多精彩主題的研討會子題小組。


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