Free Cocktails & Live Symphony? Casa Loma’s 2024 Summer Concert is UNREAL! 免費調酒和室外現場交響樂?多倫多卡薩羅馬城堡的2024夏季音樂會太不可思議了

Free Cocktails & Live Symphony? Casa Loma’s 2024 Summer Concert is UNREAL! / 免費調酒和室外現場交響樂?多倫多卡薩羅馬城堡的2024夏季音樂會太不可思議了


Symphony in the Gardens at Casa Loma: A Summer of Enchanting Music

A Magical Opening Night at Casa Loma’s Symphony in the Gardens

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We had the pleasure of attending the truly wonderful opening night at Casa Loma’s Symphony in the Gardens. This annual summer favourite features the dynamic symphony conducted by the artistic director  Maestro Paolo Busato (who has performed all over the world and who also oversees the Italian Canadian Symphony Orchestra) performing in the stunning gardens of Casa Loma, located at 1 Austin Terrace. Every Monday evening through to Sept 2, the symphony performs music based on a different theme. The theme for the evening that we attended was entitled ‘ Let’s Go to the Movies.’ There were 21 movie scores performed, and we got to hear these truly beautiful renditions of the themes to popular films like Titanic, X-men, Star Wars, Schindler’s List, Cinema Paradiso, Game of Thrones, Twilight, Jurassic Park, The Godfather and Pirates of the Caribbean. In contrast, clips of these films were played in the background. Hearing the symphony paying tribute to the works by composers John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Nino Roth, Beethoven, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Tim Rice and Hans Zimmer was a real treat.

Symphony in the Gardens: A Diverse Range of Musical Themes

The evening was enhanced by the sensory delights provided by Hendricks Gin, a brand synonymous with quality. Their unique gin cocktails served amidst the symphony’s enchanting melodies, added a new dimension to our musical journey, making it a truly immersive experience.

Embark on a musical adventure like no other at Symphony in the Gardens. This series, spanning the upcoming weeks, offers a diverse range of themes, each promising a unique and captivating experience. From the timeless ‘My Way, Sinatra and Friends’ to the classical ‘Bach, Beethoven and the Boys,’ from the virtuosic ‘The Virtuosi’ to the enchanting ‘When You Wish Upon a Star, ‘there’s a theme to intrigue every musical taste. Don’t miss out on these enthralling performances.

Casa Loma’s Sunset Concerts: Intimate Performances Under the Stars

For a truly intimate and personal musical experience, seize the chance to attend Casa Loma’s Sunset Concerts series. This series, held every Tuesday until Aug 27, showcases a  different Canada Walk of Fame performer. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to immerse yourself in live music in the awe-inspiring setting of Casa Loma. Unlike the Symphony in the Gardens, the Sunset Concerts series offers a more intimate and personal musical experience, perfect for those who prefer a closer connection with the performers.

Don’t Miss Out on These Unforgettable Musical Experiences

Both shows are a must for this summer! Tickets are available for purchase at Casa Loma‘s official website. Don’t miss out on these unforgettable musical experiences.

中文版 / Chinese version

時尚高潮荣幸受邀參加了多倫多卡薩羅馬城堡舉辦的全新花園交響樂團Symphony in the Gardens)精彩的開幕之夜。 這一年一度的夏季最受歡迎活動特色是由藝術總監 Paolo Busato 大師(他曾在世界各地演出,同時也是義大利加拿大交響樂團的主管)指揮、充滿活力的交響樂,在位於柯士甸台 1 號(1 Austin Terrace)的卡薩羅馬城堡Casa Loma) 迷人花園中演出。 即日起至 9 月 2 日每週一晚上交響樂團都會演奏不同主題的音樂。 我們參加的當晚主題是「我們去看電影Let’s Go to the Movies)」。 演出了 21 部電影主題曲配樂,我們聽到了對這些經典熱門電影主題美妙的詮釋,如《鐵達尼號(Titanic)》、《X 戰警(X-men)》、《星際大戰(Star Wars)》、《辛德勒的名單(Schindler’s List)》、《新天堂樂園(Cinema Paradiso)》、《權力遊戲(Game of Thrones)》、《暮光之城(Twilight)》、《侏羅紀公園(Jurassic Park)》、《教父(The Godfather)》和《神鬼奇航(Pirates of the Caribbean)》。 相比之下,這些電影的剪輯是在後台播放的。 聆聽作曲家約翰·威廉斯(John Williams)、埃尼奧·莫里康內(Ennio Morricone)、尼諾·羅斯(Nino Roth)、貝多芬(Beethoven)、安德魯·勞埃德·韋伯(Andrew Lloyd Weber)、蒂姆·賴斯(Tim Rice)和漢斯·齊默(Hans Zimmer)等人的交響樂作品真是一種享受。


當晚由以品質承諾而聞名的亨德里克琴酒提供感官上的享受。 令人喜愛且獨特的杜松子(琴酒)雞尾酒伴隨著交響樂團迷人的旋律,為我們的音樂之旅增添了新的體驗,使之成為真正沉浸式的享受。


準備好在花園交響樂中開啟迷人的音樂之旅。 在接下來的幾週內該系列將提供豐富多樣


準備好在花園交響樂中開啟迷人的音樂之旅。 在接下來的幾週內該系列將提供豐富多樣的主題,每個主題都承諾帶來獨特的體驗。 從永恆的《我的路,西納特拉和朋友》(My Way, Sinatra and Friends)到經典的《巴赫、貝多芬和男孩》(Bach, Beethoven and the Boys),從藝術大師的《The Virtuosi》到迷人的《當你向星星許願》(When You Wish Upon a Star),該節目將提供各式各樣的精彩音樂冒險,可以滿足各種口味。 不要錯過這些精彩的表演。


想要獲得真正令人興奮的體驗,請抓住機會參加卡薩羅馬城堡日落音樂會系列。 該系列每週二舉辦,直至 8 月 27 日,展示加拿大星光大道上的不同表演者。 這是一個千載難逢的機會,可以沉浸在令人驚嘆的卡薩羅馬城堡現場音樂中。





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