Friday night Live ROM (FNLROM) – BIG Fashion arrives to Royal Ontario Museum

Big Fashion on November 9th at Friday night Live ROM

We were excited to party once again at the #FNLROM (Friday Night Live Royal Ontario Museum) with BIG fashion arriving to the ROM. The past Friday FNLROM featured a bunch of exciting programs and entertainment including a mini fashion retrospective installation by Fashion Cares’ that celebrates 25 years of fashion as activism; amazing pieces by brands such as D Squared, Hoax Couture, Comrags, Pink Tartan; the Canadian premiere screening of the fashion documentary Versailles ’73: American; and a Runway Revolution supported by Joe Fresh.

Pop-up food vendors included  Fidel Gastro, JK Frites, Waffle Bar, Rock Lobster Co., and c5 by Celebrity Chef Corbin’ Tomaszeski.

STLTO was also there to serve us amazing Italian wine!

We ate, we drank, and we danced our night away in the world of fashion, to the sounds of the city’s hottest DJs presented by ElectriCITY Events!

BIG fashion
BIG fashion has arrived to the ROM’s Michael Lee-Chin Crystal on the fourth floor. This new exhibit showcases artifacts that are big in size, historical influence, big news, created by big names, or big price.

BIG Historical Influence

From the silhouette down to the last detail on the button, fashion can reflect personal, social, and cultural value during a specific moment in time. However objects that have a BIG impact on history may not always be BIG in size. Take these tiny shoes from China as for example, are only 7.5 centimetres long. Small feet were the perception of beauty during the Han Dynasty (1910 to 1915). Women bound their feet to appear smaller and to fit into these shoes called “lotus buds.” They may look small but they were considered as major erotic symbols and signs of elite status.

(Shoes for bound foot, Silk, 1910-1915, China, 972.413.1.A-B Gift of Mrs. C.M. Warren)

BIG Innovation

Woodblock painting is a technique used throughout East Asia for printing text, images and patterns. In this piece the artist applied the traditional woodblock printing method to emulate a large historic woven tapestry. This was designed and exhibited as a showpiece for the 1925 Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes (Art Deco exhibition) in Paris. This piece of art was unique at its BIG size and unconventional method of creation.

(La Vie au grand air wall hanging by Andre Edouard Marty Woodblock printed cotton tabby, 1925, Mulhouse, France)

Big Name

BIG fashion would not be BIG without the famous designers. Vivienne Tam, a Chinese American designer, is known for modern fashion based on traditional Chinese imagery and traditions. The “Water sleeve” evening gown references historic Chinese Imperial court robes and rank badges, which displays a courtier’s status. This one piece dress is a combination of the traditional Chinese imagery and the modern digitally printed silk; certainly makes a BIG statement.

 (“Water sleeve” evening gown Vivienne Tam, Jade Collection Fall/Winter 2011)

Big Price

BIG fashion definitely comes with a BIG price tag. This designer dress is not only a BIG name, it also comes with a BIG price, uses a BIG amount of time and effort to create. The dress is one of the last designs by John Galliano for Christian Dior. Evidently not an ordinary collection as this one dress requires 166.5 meters if cloth and 500 hours to create. So what is the price? Just to give you an idea, dresses in the Haute Couture Collection could easily cost over $20,000 (Source:


The BIG fashion exhibit is far more than just stylish clothes and lavish accessories. It is a presentation of 40 diverse objects found across the globe. Whether created in the present or the past, each individual piece makes a BIG statement about culture and value. If you are interested in fashion, this exhibit is one that you would not want to miss out on!

About the ROM

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) IS Canada’s largest museum of natural history and world cultures and one of North America’s great museums. It provides visitors with a wide-ranging and engaging museum experience, and is a major Toronto tourist attraction for visitors from around the world. The ROM is also an important research institution where curators continue to make new discoveries, enhance knowledge of the Museum’s collections, and originate new information toward a global understanding of historical and modern change in culture and environment. The ROM and its 2007 Michael Lee-Chin Crystal addition is an architectural icon and objects in its collections and features over thirty galleries showcasing art, archaeology and natural science. For more information:

More about FNLROM (Friday Night Live ROM)
FNLROM is a seasonal event held every Friday night at the ROM, where the Royal Ontario Museum turns into a party venue with food, drinks and different themed programming every week. This season only runs until November 30 (Doors open 7 PM), so come explore the ROM & enjoy this one of a kind party experience! For ticket purchase and more information please visit:

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