Full-scale Immersive Interactive Experience – Review of RYB STUDIO’s Waking Wonderland Experience in Taipei Huashan 1914 Creative Park

My Review of RYB STUDIO’s Waking Wonderland Experience in Taipei Huashan 1914 Creative Park

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The flyer reads, “The exhibition provides a full-scale immersive interactive experience. The audience can fully immerse themselves in the scenes of Alice in Wonderland and interact with the story characters, creating a real and unforgettable experience.” I never planned on visiting Huashan 1914 Creative Park again, as the last time I visited was way back in 2008. I remember specifically because that was the year I met a guy while attending a music festival, also hosted in Huashan 1914 Creative Park, who almost killed me in a car crash. However, the flyer above is impossible for me to ignore. I might be old and disabled; I’m still a child at heart, and I’m afraid that’s never going to change.
I shamelessly announce that I am looking for someone to accompany me to this show. I am still not grown up and courageous enough to attend any events solo. I am so excited when a friend volunteers to join me to see Waking Wonderland. I had forgotten how big the Huashan 1914 Creative Park site was. Walking with mobility impairment almost made me dislocate my leg, again! We relied on 60% navigation, 10% asking for directions, 30% willpower and 0% IQ to get to the venue. After nearly an hour, we finally found the venue. As we enter, the entire room transports us into Alice’s Wonderland. That’s when the magic begins!
As chapter one unfolds, we find ourselves in the Drawing Room scene, where we are transported into Alice’s home and meet her brave granddaughter, Anna. Anna is missing her grandmother and is curious to learn from her adventures. She enters a magic mirror and transports us along with her to Chapter 2, The Wonderland Forest, where we find ourselves in a beautiful forest, the trees glowing in colourful shades. Lush greens and living colours surround us. We encounter playful critters like squirrels and birds amongst mushroom-spotted trees. I giggle at the squirrels scurrying by and bend down to sniff the rainbow of flowers. My heart jumps when a furry face peeks out from the bushes – it is the mischievous Cheshire Cat!
Next, we arrive at the Mad Hatter’s outrageous tea party! Streamers fly as he dances and sings the funniest songs. A lively dance party is happening under a carnival tent. The Wild Hatter leads festive games and offers yummy treats as we sway. I twirl with laughter, clutching my belly. But suddenly, the sky darkens – the Queen of Hearts is crashing the party!
The scenery then shifts to a sparkling waterfall. I whisper “woah” as it lifts us into the sky. But our floating fun ends when the Queen’s looming shadow appears through the mist. My breath catches in my throat as Anna bravely confronts the fearsome ruler.
After many more thrilling scenes, it is almost time to leave Wonderland! But as the final act plays out, I clap and cheer Anna on even louder. With teamwork and belief in herself, she outsmarts the Queen and brings joy back to the land. When the show finishes and the mirror transports us home, I sigh with happiness. I do not want the magic to end! Waking Wonderland lets me see that good can conquer evil if we all work together. I will always remember my first amazing adventure in Wonderland.
Anna is so brave and curious, just like me. She doesn’t let her fears stop her from exploring Wonderland. I admire how she believes in herself and her friends to overcome any challenge. The Cheshire Cat is utterly delightful – he pops up with the biggest smiles and keeps us laughing with his playful antics. I try to mimic his silly stretches!
The Mad Hatter throws the liveliest tea parties. He dances around with wild hair and encourages us all to let loose. Seeing him get so silly helps me feel comfortable being myself. I love it when he hands out yummy treats, too. The Queen of Hearts demands so much respect, but she also shows how important it is to stand up for what’s right. Even when she fusses, her impressive gown captivates me.
The flowers and trees that bloom all around Wonderland fill me with awe. I trace their mystical shapes and vibrant hues, feeling creatively inspired. Gentle woodland creatures like squirrels teach us it’s okay to let curiosity guide our path. And the towering waterfall carries us to new heights – it reminds me that with imagination, I can soar anywhere! Each character adds more magic to my Wonderland experience. I can’t wait to discover more on my next visit.

More About RYB STUDIO:

RYB STUDIO aims to bring people together through their signature multimedia and interactive storytelling. They create immersive digital worlds that transport audiences through light, sound, and human interaction.
It makes sense that they chose to adapt Alice in Wonderland, a beloved pop culture classic that everyone is familiar with. They will surely breathe new magic into this story.
The DM also gives us a high-level overview of the plot we will follow. We will join Alice’s granddaughter, Anna, on an adventure through surreal landscapes and colourful characters. The audience might help Anna discover wisdom from her grandmother and face her fears.
The DM mentions some highlights, including that Waking Wonderland will be presented in both Chinese and English, making it accessible to global audiences. It is also an interactive experience where we can participate in the story.
I feel excited to step through the mirror and become immersed in the fantastical world that RYB STUDIO has created. Reading this has me buzzing with anticipation for the wonders I will witness inside Wonderland!
The Waking Wonderland experience promises to be fully immersive, allowing audiences to sink into Alice’s world like never before. Instead of passively watching from the sidelines, guests can actively take part in Anna’s journey.
There were interactive elements throughout the different scenes. In the forest, we can bend down to do magic to the flowers or touch the tree trunks. We can even help the woodland critters gather acorns!
At the mad tea party, I’m sure we’ll be able to dance along with the Hatter and taste treats from his never-ending feast. Who knows, perhaps he’ll pull us up to perform with him.
s I imagined, when we visit the Wonderland villages, we can explore every nook and cranny, discovering hidden details. The inhabitants also involve us in their everyday antics.
During the climactic showdown with the Queen, our support for Anna could inspire her to stand up for what’s right. With an audience empowering her, how could she possibly fail?
Overall, the show does not disappoint. Although the acoustic is somewhat muffled, making it challenging to follow the plot, the focus is the interactive experience. Guests are fully immersed as Alice’s companions, not just viewers. RYB STUDIO is creating an experience where Wonderland truly comes to life all around us through interactive storytelling – it’s bound to be magical!


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