Gladstone Hotel’s Annual Design Event Come Up to My Room CUTMR 2016

The Gladstone Hotel hosted its annual alternative design event, Come Up To My Room 2016 (CUTMR2016) last week. Curated by Jana Macalik and Nuria Montblanch, the event gives designers the opportunity to redo the hotel’s historic rooms with complete creative licence.

CUTMR was founded by Christina Zeidler and Pamila Matharu in 2004 and has been growing in popularity ever since.

come up to my room 2016 cutmr2016
Ferris Bueller’s Room

Remember the classic 1986 film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off“? Design team The Racket Club (Sarah Keenlyside and Joseph Clement) certainly did. They entitled their room “Life Moves Fast” as a recreation of Ferris Bueller‘s bedroom. It is an almost exact duplicate of Ferris‘ bedroom with the walls covered in 1980’s music posters of Bryan Ferry, Charlie Sexton, Simple Minds and Killing Joke. There were also assorted retro items like Garfield the Cat, Darth Vader, Hardy Boys books, sports cards, Fender stereo, vintage computers and Pepsi cans. It was a Bueller? Bueller? time capsule.

Other exciting rooms were The Rise and Fall of Cordycepts by Jessica Bromley Bartram, which represented a futuristic biotech company that existed from 2040-2065, Breath by UUFIE and Ryerson School of Interior Design which had a parachute like tent and a water feature, Style & Profile by Chinedu Ukabam who re-imagined an African barber shop, Ripple by Ryerson Artspace which had a darkened room full of lights that created a distinct melody when pulled, Union by Shelter Bay (Robert Southcott and Sarah Cooper), which had an arrangement of pendant lights, and Overworld by Taxa Work that had a deliberate low ceiling with ever-changing lights.

Among the attendees was CUTMR founder Christina Zeidler.

The complete list of participating artists were Bruno Billio & Romar Johnson, Carl & Rose, Chiho Tokita, Chinedu Ukabam, F_RMlab, Galerie Youn (Jay Dart & Christine Kim), Iaboni Priftaj Design Associates, Interactive Arts ialc, Invention Squad, KLAUS by Nienkamper, Jessica Bromley Bartram, Lamers Bramm Design/LBD, Matt MacDonald, Mario Sabljak, Michael Nicole Beno, Neville, Plus Farm Collective, Ryerson Artspace presents Archestra, [R]ed[U]x Lab, Shelter Bay, Susan Dobson & Simone Ferkul, Sara Nickelson & Studio WOOLF, Tom Dixon, TAXA WORK, The Racket Club, Uufie, University of Waterloo School of Architecture/Prof. Elizabeth English and 3rd-year Architecture Students, and Virginia Melnyk.

(photos by sari)

Come Up to My Room CUTMR 2016 – Gladstone Hotel


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