Guinness American Blonde Lager Launches in Canada

Private Media Launch Party and Tasting for Guinness American Blonde Lager

There’s a new addition to the Guinness family of alcoholic beverages.

On October 20th, 2015, the makers behind the iconic Guinness brand hosted a media-exclusive party and tasting to celebrate the North American launch of the Guinness American Blonde Lager.

guinness blonde american lager launch party at the addisons residence
Guinness American Blonde Lager

The beer, made in Latrobe, Pennsylvania— America’s famed brewing city — is the first in the Guinness Brewers Project™, an innovative concept that features a variety of different beers crafted in various styles and techniques under the Guinness brand.

The Addisons Residence was the chosen venue for this launch party. This mansion-meets-cocktail lounge allowed everyone to mingle comfortably, watch the Blue Jays game in the spacious kitchen, and play shuffleboard in the rec room.

Catering was provided by The Food Dudes who served wonderful hors d’oeuvres such as baked oysters, pork belly sliders, and yuzu lime bars with strawberry powder.

Joe Gruss, American Brewmaster who’s part of the Guinness Blonde brewing team, was in attendance at the launch party to talk about the process and all of the hard work and obstacles that went into crafting and perfecting the Guinness American Blonde Lager.

According to Gruss, one of the previous batches of the lager was ‘over-hopped’.

After months of trials and testing, Guinness created a refreshing and clean beer with a one-of-a-kind taste.

As for the taste of the actual Guinness American Blonde Lager, it was certainly a departure from the Guinness’ trademark stout. It had a clear golden amber colour with a dense head and foam formation at the top of the glass.

The combination of the Mosaic, Mount Hood, and Willamette hops gave the beer a light citrus aroma with hints of floral. The crystal malt added caramel and biscuit notes. The 125-year old Guinness yeast gave the lager a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and a slightly bitter taste on the finish.

The Guinness American Blonde Lager would be best enjoyed cold and straight from the can or served in a 16 oz. Guinness glass, at sports bars or backyard barbeques.

For the lager lovers, this beer is definitely worth a try. The Guinness American Blonde Lager will retail at $2.55 per 473 ml can (5.0% ABV)  and will be on the shelves across Canada beginning October 2015.

(photos by Tanya)

Guinness American Blonde Lager Launches in Canada


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