HARRY ROSEN Canada Goose x José Bautista Jacket Launch

The Canada Goose x José Bautista Jacket Launch

On Thursdsy,Auguat 11,2016 Thursday, August 11, 2016, we were invited by Canada Goose and Harry Rosen to celebrate an exclusive event for the launch of Canada Goose x José Bautista Jacket. Collaboration between Bautista and the design team at the Canadian outerwear brand created and unveiled the limited edition jacket located onthe rooftop of Harry Rosen on Bloor Street in Toronto.


Canada Goose X Jose Bautista jacket
Canada Goose X Jose Bautista jacket

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The host of the night was Canadian sports television personality on on TSN‘s “Sportscenter,” Cabral “Cabbie” Richards. Without a skipping a beat he gets down to business to tell us, “You got to get these jackets now while it’s hot before it’s super cold… Anybody who buys the jacket tonight it will be signed by Joey Bats. This is the first ever collabo between an athlete and the Canada Goose brand.”

Larry Rosen, the chairman and CEO of Harry Rosen Inc., had a few words to say.
“Canada Goose, Canada’s most incredible success story, most iconic brand, something that makes all of us Canadians since 1954, fed has hit a home run with an amazing collaboration with José Bautista, who although not Canadian, is really very Toronto. He represents us so well, he is the soul of the Blue Jays.” Thrilled that, CEO of Canada Goose, Dani Reiss has come to launch an extreme exclusive jacket, Rosen says, “when I say exclusive it’s being seen here for the first time.There are only 190 jackets made. The reason it’s 190 is it’s homage to number 19, José’s number.” He then goes on to say that we “were the first people in the world offered the experience of seeing this covenant piece. After the party, the jackets were available for sale online at harryrosen.com and canadagoose.com.”

The man of the hour, José Bautista, graced us with his presence for a little Q&A to talk about the new jacket. Bautista expresses that “the color scheme has a little bit to do with the timing, so we’re going into the fall you can’t pick super bright colors. Versatility is the key, more on the collaboration on my end and they were open to it. It’s a jacket that’s very versatile. I feel you can dress up and down with it. It moves well and s easy to wear, it’s lightweight and easy to carry; it can even turn into a travel pillow.”

Marcus Stroman, starting pitcher o the f theToronto Blue Jays, also was in the house to show his support. With Cabbie Richards hosting, he stirs a bit of friendly competition between the two players about their fashion and says that Stroman’s fashion is on a different level. Bautista’s response on what the competition is like especially in the MLB clubhouse says, “it’s a big competition. I think we try to show each other up, but we all got our different styles, and we appreciate each other. I can tell you Marcus is a bit more hip-hop than me, and I’m ok with that. He wears it well, and his style is dope. I may be more dressy and classy, not that I’m saying he’s not classy …” Richards adds that it’s because they’re grown men. Bautista continues, “…He’s a little more edgy, and I’m a little bit older, so I got to play my age.” Stroman agrees and elaborates what the competition is like in the clubhouse. “It’s pretty heavy. You got guys who are not in our realm of fashion yet. You got Eddie who brings the Latin swag, he’s unbelievable, Guerrero is like that as well, and everyone’s fashion is all about being unique and everyone kind ofrocks their own thing.” Stroman then revealed he cut the blonde top of his hair saying with baseball superstition that had to go.

Cabbie calls out Bautista on why he’s wearing jogging pants during the Q&A and Bautista expressed that he has to because of his brace on his knee. To wear jeans it would be like having a bionic knee, plus it will probably hurt trying to put them on. Back on the topic on his sense of fashion, he says, “ We try to look good and present ourselves well to all different crowds.”
Richards then asks, “Have you seen the Karate Kid? Do you remember the Karate Kid’s mentor?”
“Darwin Barney?” Bautista jokes. “That’s what I call him, Mr. Miyagi.”
Richards then requests, “Can I give you a Mr. Miyagi please, for your knee?” Richards then does the motion Mr. Miyagi does with his hands to heal Bautista’s leg.
“Two weeks and I’ll be back!” says Bautista and the crowd went wild.

What lies possibly for next year with Bautista’s new line of apparel? We shall see. For now, he’s focused on baseball, and we hope Bautista gets well soon so that we can see him back on the field.

(photos by Paul)


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