ICFF Italian Contemporary Film Festival  2020 Virtual Edition Filled with Same Exciting Events

ICFF Italian Contemporary Film Festival  2020 Virtual Edition Filled with Same Exciting Events / 多倫多ICFF義大利當代電影節在家過節一樣精彩

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(中譯:殘編 / translation by Tanya)

ICFF at HomeItalian Contemporary Film Festival  2020 Virtual Edition / 2020 多倫多ICFF義大利當代電影節
ICFF at HomeItalian Contemporary Film Festival  2020 Virtual Edition / 2020 多倫多ICFF義大利當代電影節

The 9th edition of the Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF) will be shown virtually for the first time. Film lovers will now experience ICFF at Home 2020 from November 29- December 8, 2020.

At the press conference, ICFF President of the Board, Paul Golini discussed the challenges of organizing events during Covid-19. He noted the Lavazza Drive-In Festival‘s success and the need for people to connect again and feel part of the cinema lovers’ community.
Maurizio Magnifico, ICFF Managing Director, stated that culture is reinventing itself and should remain a solid foundation of our identity and communication. He added that it was an exciting time for Italian cinema, and ICFF feels responsible for bringing the beauty of Italian cinema to audiences across Canada.

The answer is ICFF at Home 2020. ICFF has partnered with TIFF to create a digital platform for audiences to watch the latest Italian feature films, documentaries, and shorts while sitting at home. Participants can purchase Festival passes for $30.00 or single film tickets at $6.99 each

Paul Golini (ICFF Chairman) ,Mara Cataldi ((ICFF Director of Operations) and Cristiano de Florentiis (ICFF Artistic Director)
Paul Golini (ICFF Chairman) ,Mara Cataldi ((ICFF Director of Operations) and Cristiano de Florentiis (ICFF Artistic Director)

中文版 / Chinese version:

在新聞發布會上,ICFF董事會主席Paul Golini討論在Covid-19新型冠狀病毒疫情期間舉辦活動所面對的挑戰。他提及上次成功舉辦Lavazza汽車電影節讓大家更重視重新建立彼此之間的互動,讓電影愛好者融入社區,成為社區成員的一份子。
ICFF常務董事Maurizio Magnifico表示,文化受疫情影響,固然需要重塑,更應繼續成為我們溝通的堅實基礎。他補充說,這對於ICFF義大利當代電影節來說,是一個令人振奮的關鍵時刻,ICFF更認為有責任將意大利電影的美帶給加拿大各地的觀眾。

而面對今年種種挑戰的解決方案,便是在家舉辦ICFFICFFTIFF多倫多國際電影節)合作創建了一個網路平台,供觀眾在家中就可觀看到最新的義大利片,包括一系列的劇情片、紀錄片和短片。參加者可以以$ 30.00的價格購買節日通行證,或以每張$ 6.99的價格購買電影票。

  • Cristiano De Florentiis, ICFF Artistic Director, introduced Rogers Communications Senior Director of Marketing Connected Home Division, Anthony Antonelli. Antonelli announced that for Rogers Customers, Rogers Ignite TV and Rogers Digital TV would exclusively screen 13 of the ICFF films from November 29 to December 8, 2020.

All films will be available in Italian with English Subtitles on both platforms, and select movies will have French subtitles for Quebec audiences.

中文版 / Chinese version:
ICFF藝術總監Cristiano De Florentiis歡迎Rogers Communications營銷互聯家庭部門高級總監Anthony Antonelli致詞。Antonelli宣布Rogers數位電視客戶將在2020年11月29日至12月8日期間透過Rogers Ignite TVRogers Digital TV兩個平台享有13部ICFFRogers客戶獨家放映的電影。

  • De Florentiis announced that ICFF at Home‘s opening film is Silvia Giulietti‘s documentary, Fellinopolis, about the legendary Italian film director Federico Fellini. It will be its international premiere. The film features footage of Fellini at work, filmed by Ferruccio Castronuovo. There are also interviews with Fellini‘s collaborators like Lina Wertmuller, Nicola Piovani, and Dante Ferretti.
Italian film Fellinopolis by Silvia Giulietti
Fellinopolis by Silvia Giulietti

The short film, Paul Tana‘s Fellini Premiere Fois, is a documentary based on Fellini‘s interviews with Claude Jutra and Michel Brault from 1957.

中文版 / Chinese version:
De Florentiis宣布今年家中電影節的首映電影片是Silvia Giulietti的紀錄片《Fellinopolis》,此片敘述義大利傳奇電影導演Federico Fellini的故事。這次首映也是影片的全球國際首映。電影中有Ferruccio Castronuovo所拍攝Fellini工作時的腳本。 影片中還包含與Fellini的合作夥伴的訪談,受訪者包括Lina Wermuller、Nicola PiovaniDante Ferretti等。

Paul Tana的短片「Fellini Premiere Fois」是一部是根據Fellini從1957年開始採訪Claude JutraMichel Brault的而製作的紀錄片。

Some of the other films featured at the festival include: Checco Zalone‘s Tolo Tolo, Antonio D’Alfonso‘s Tata, Fausto Brizzi‘s Dolceroma, Airplane Mode, and If You Love Me, Eros Puglielli‘s Copperman, and Giacomo Gatti‘s Palladio.

中文版 / Chinese version:
電影節上將會放映的其他電影包括:Checco Zalone的《Tolo Tolo》、Antonio D’Alfonso的「Tata」、Fausto Brizzi的《Dolceroma》、《Airplane Mode》和《If You Love Me》、Eros Puglielli的《Copperman》和Giacomo Gatti的「Palladio」。

  • Event at Home, ICFF Still Makes This Year’s Event Unique / 在家過電影節,也能參與特別活動

In addition, there are a few exciting special events taking place during the Festival.
ICFF Architettura and Design will feature Carlos Saura‘s film “Renzo Piano: The Architect of Light.” Piano is one of the most famous Italian architects in the world. The film follows Piano in the design and implementation of the Botin Center in Santander, Spain.
ICFF Arte will screen Hidden Away (Volevo Nascondermi) by Giorgio Diritti. The film is the story of the renowned Italian artist and modern painter Antonio Ligabue.

Poster of Hidden Away (Volevo Nascondermi) by Giorgio Diritti
Poster of Hidden Away (Volevo Nascondermi) by Giorgio Diritti

Mara Cataldi, ICFF Director of Operations, announced the return of ICFF Cucina in partnership with Eataly. The films Bacalà -A Fish Out of Water and the short film, True story of Tiramisù will be screened and will have the option of ordering the same dishes online.

Heritage Calabria will host “Un pranzo ed un film in famiglia” live on CHIN on November 29. The event will feature segments dedicated to celebrating Calabrian fashion, art, music, culture, and food. Guests can also pre-order their lunch from the comfort of their own homes. All packages include an ICFF Festival pass with a special online screening of the historical drama Aspromonte: Land of the Forgotten, directed by Calabrian filmmaker Mimmo Calopresti.

中文版 / Chinese version:
ICFF Architttura and Design將展出Carlos Saura的電影《 Renzo Piano: The Architect of Light》。Piano是世上最著名的意大利建築師之一。這部電影是在追尋Piano在設計和打造西班牙博廷中心(Botin Centre)的腳步。

ICFF Arte將放映Giorgio DirittiVolevo Nascondermi。這部電影敘述意大利著名藝術家和當代畫家Antonio Ligabue的故事。
ICFF運營總監Mara Cataldi宣布ICFF Cucina再度與與Eataly合作。電影《Bacalà-A Fish Out of Water》和短片《True story of Tiramisù》放映時觀眾將可以在線訂購相影諞中的相同菜餚。

Heritage Calabria將於11月29日在CHIN上直播「Un pranzo ed un film in famiglia」電影。此次活動將以慶祝義大利卡拉布里亞區獨特的時尚、藝術、音樂、文化和美食。觀眾還可以在自己舒適的家中預定午餐。所有套票均包括ICFF電影節通行證,並加贈在線放映由卡拉布里亞電影製片人Mimmo Calopresti執導的歷史劇《 Aspromonte: Land of the Forgotten》。

  • ICFF Industry Day 2020 / ICFF義大利當代電影節影劇圈專業交流日:

ICFF hosts ICFF Industry Day 2020 on December 2 online. Entitled Italy-Canada Shortening the “Social Distance” will focus on Italian and Canadian co-productions and relationships in an online interactive format.

中文版 / Chinese version:


  • ICFF Italian Contemporary Film Festival Ticket Information / ICFF義大利當代電影節購票資訊:

Tickets for ICFF at Home are on sale now at ICFFs Home page: http://www.icff.ca/home-page/

中文版 / Chinese version:
ICFF 2020家庭電影節的門票現已在2020該網站主頁販售,欲購票請至:


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