Italian Contemporary Film Festival -Call the Shots: Female Power through Film for International Women’s Day & “The Stolen Caravaggio/Una storia senza nome” Screening & Review – ICFF(多倫多意大利當代電影節為38婦女節提倡女權主義+特映會

Italian Contemporary Film Festival -Call the Shots: Female Power through Film for International Women’s Day & “The Stolen Caravaggio/Una storia senza nome” Screening & Review – ICFF(多倫多意大利當代電影節為38婦女節提倡女權主義+特映會

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(translation by Tanya / 中譯:殘編)
In celebration of International Women’s Day, The Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF) hosted its 3rd annual event, “Call the Shots: Female Power through Film.” Mara Cataldi, ICFF director of operations, created this tribute to women who have achieved success in the film industry and allowed them to share their experiences and knowledge. The panel we attended, “Telling The Story,” featured four talented Italian-Canadian women who work in film and television. It was moderated by ICFF Artistic Director Cristiano de Florentiis and Coordinator of Cultural Events Tonia Serrao Soppelsa.

中文版/ Chinese version:
為了慶祝38婦女節,Italian Contemporary Film FestivalICFF(多倫多意大利當代電影節)舉辦第三屆年度名為「Call the Shots: Female Power through Film」的活動。此活動透過電影,發動女性力量及女權主義,是ICFF運營總監Mara Cataldi為了向電影業中的成功女性致敬而舉辦的,並邀請這些電影界的女性佼佼者分享自己的經驗和知識。 我們參加名為「Telling The Story」(講故事)的小組討論會,這討論會的與談人是電影和電視圈才華橫溢的四名義裔加籍女性,並由ICFF藝術總監Cristiano de Florentiis和文化活動策劃員Tonia Serrao Soppelsa主持。

  • Telling The Story Panel Discussion / 「Telling The Story」女權主義小組討論:

On the panel were: Noelle Carbone, Screenwriter and
Producer of Rookie Blue and Saving Hope;

Gabriella Martinelli, Producer of Romeo + Juliet
(starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Clare Danes) and
Lives of the Saints (starring the legendary Sophia Loren);

Angela Mastronardi, Script Supervisor of The Vow and Mrs. America;

and Daniela Saioni, Comedy Writer and Script Supervisor of Suits and Shazam!

中文版/ Chinese version:
小組成員有:加拿大劇「菜鳥警察」(Rookie Blue)和「拯救希望」(Saving Hope)的編劇兼製作人Noelle Carbone李奧納多狄卡皮歐Leonardo DiCaprio )和克萊兒.丹妮絲 (Claire Danes)所主演的「 羅密歐與茱麗葉」和女神級演員蘇菲亞·羅蘭Sophia Loren)所主演的「Lives of the Saints」的製片人Gabriella Martinelli、浪漫愛情片「愛·重來」(The Vow)和「美國夫人」(Mrs. America)的劇本監督Angela
Mastronardi、 「無照律師」(Suits)和「沙贊!」(Shazam!)的喜劇作家和劇本總監Daniela Saioni

  • The panel discussed how female directors and writers are now having a

more significant impact in the industry than in the past, but more progress still needs to be made. According to Noelle Carbone, creating strong female roles should not be defined as putting a male character in a dress. Instead, the building of the character should be written based on female strengths. The panel also discussed the belief that women supporting each other help everyone to succeed in the industry.

中文版/ Chinese version:
小組討論了現在電影業中的女性導演和作家如何比過去更有影響力,但是仍有些地方需要取得更大的進步。 製作人兼編劇Noelle Carbone說若要創造出強大的女性形象,不應被定義在讓男性角色穿上女性服裝,而應是強調女性本身的長處和優勢來塑造一個強而有力的女性角色。 小組討論一致認為業界中互相的支持的婦女,可以幫助所有人在該行業更快成功。

  • The notion of authenticity in storytelling is also crucial.

Gabriella Martinelli shared entertaining stories of hiring the relatively unknown director Baz Luhrmann for Romeo + Juliet and how Sophia Loren would want to cook pasta for people.

中文版/ Chinese version:

故事敘述的真實性也至關重要。Gabriella Martinelli分享了自己一些有趣的故事,其中包括聘請當時還不知名的巴茲.雷曼Baz Luhrmann)為「羅密歐與朱麗葉」(Romeo + Juliet)當導演,以及蘇菲亞.羅蘭Sophia Loren)想為大家煮義大利麵的趣事。

  • “The Stolen Caravaggio (Una storia senza nome) Screening & Review / 「The Stolen Caravaggio (Una storia senza nome)」特映會及觀後感想:

Following the panel, was a screening of Roberto Andò ‘s
The Stolen Caravaggio/Una storia senza nome,” starring Micaela Ramazzotti, Renato Carpentieri, Laura Morante, Jerzy
Skolimowski, Antonio Catania, Gaetano Bruno and Alessandro Gassmann.

中文版/ Chinese version:

小組討論接下來就是放映了RobertoAndò的影片「The Stolen Caravaggio/Una storia senza nome」的特映會,
主演為Micaela RamazzottiRenato CarpentieriLaura MoranteJerzy
SkolimowskiAntonio CataniaGaetano BrunoAlessandro Gassmann

  • The Stolen Caravaggio (Una storia senza nome) Film Plot / 「The Stolen Caravaggio (Una storia senza nome)」電影大綱:

In this film, Valeria Tramonti (Micaela Ramazzotti), a 40-year-old assistant to a film producer, is the secret ghostwriter for the
charismatic screenwriter, Alessandro Pes (Alessandro Gassmann), who
suffers from writer’s block. Valeria is entranced by him and pines for his
love. She lives in the same building as her mother, Amalia Roberti (Laura
Morante), a literature specialist who also happens to be a ghostwriter for the
Minister of Culture, Arturo Onofri (Renato Scarpa). Alessandro is now under
pressure from the film producer, who has signed the famous director, Jerzy
Kunze (Jerzy Skolimowski), and needs to provide a brilliant script. He begs
Valeria to come up with the story. Besotted by him, she agrees.

中文版/ Chinese version:
在這部影片中,Micaela Ramazzotti飾演的Valeria Tramonti是現年40歲的電影製片人助理,同時也是一位電影製作人,魅力非凡卻文思枯竭的編劇Alessandro Gassmann的秘密代筆作家。
Valeria與母親Laura Morante所飾演的Amalia Roberti居住在同一棟樓,而母親恰巧也是文化部長Arturo Onofri(Renato Scarpa所飾演)的代筆作家。 Alessandro被知名導演Jerzy Kunze (Jerzy Skolimowski飾演)的電影製片人施壓,要求他寫出出色的劇本,於是他向Valeria求救,Valeria也答應。

  • Valeria then meets the very mysterious Alberto Rak (Renato Carpentieri),

a retired policeman who tells her the tale of the theft of the famous painting, “Nativity with Saints Lawrence and Francis” by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio from the Oratory of San Lorenzo in
Palermo on October 17, 1969. The painting has never been seen since but long believed to have been stolen by the Cosa Nostra. Valeria writes an intriguing script based on this mystery yet finds herself and others in danger while she works with Alberto to find the painting. In the process, Valeria becomes a confident woman who learns to find her own voice and ultimately receive the accolades she rightfully deserves. And Alessandro becomes repentant and also realizes that Valeria is the one he truly wants.

中文版/ Chinese version:
Valeria隨後遇見了一位非常神秘的退休警察Alberto Rak(Renato Carpentieri飾演)。Alberto跟她敘述義大利名畫家卡拉瓦喬的名畫「聖弗朗西斯和聖勞倫斯陪伴下的耶穌誕生」於1969年10月17日在義大利巴勒摩市(Palermo)的Oratory of San Lorenzo教堂被竊盜的故事。
這幅畫雖然從此以後就再也沒被見過,但長期以來一直被認為是被Cosa Nostra黑手黨偷走。 Valeria藉此謎題寫出一齣有趣的劇本,但在與Alberto一起調查這件案子時卻發現將自己和他人陷於危險之中。 整個過程中,Valeria成長並蛻變成一名充滿自信的女性,學會尋找自己的聲音,最終並獲得應得的榮譽。 Alessandro 也從中知錯悔改,發現Valeria才是他的真愛。

  • “The Stolen Caravaggio/Una Storia Senza nome” film is delightful and leaves the audience wonderingwhere this painting could actually be.

中文版/ Chinese version:
「The Stolen Caravaggio/Una Storia Senza nome」

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