Micro-blading Eyebrows(Eyebrow tattoo) Experience & Explained in 5 Easy Steps!

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I crave for excitements in life. Same people, same routine, same arguments bore the sheet out of me. Living a woman’s life is exceptionally is tiring for me. Why do we put on the same makeup every day just to take it off after we go home? If I spend 15 minutes a day to draw my brows, that’s 450 minutes wasted a month.

Twiggy Lash Studio microblading eyebrows experience
Annoyed at the idea, I decide to get it done with once and for all. If permanent makeup is what you’re thinking, you guessed right. I hate trouble, and wasting life like that is troublesome.
While silicon breasts implants are a trend in the west, Asian people don’t seem too fond of it. Don’t get me wrong; We are also big with plastic surgery, we just don’t want people to know about it when we cheat. We are afraid to admit that we are born ugly. The trend here in Asia is “natural look.” Even when we spend over an hour drawing our face, we put on layers after layers just to look “natural.” Hard to understand. But when I learned about micro-blading, I was immediately sold.
I look like a vulture because I’m born almost without brows
It only takes me 15 minutes to get ready, because putting on makeup is also trouble. I only do two things when I put on my face: eyeliner and brows, and my eyebrows take up to about 10 minutes alone. It doesn’t seem long, but trouble is still trouble. If I can avoid carrying a bag, I would much prefer wearing unflattering baggy clothes with deep pockets that can fit all my essentials (credit card & phone). I always wished for my brows to magically grow out so I can take this annoying routine out of my life. Just like avoid carrying a bag.
It took me about five seconds to decide that I wanted to do it (microblading my brows). I see a lot of fails online, with crayon brows being the most common. So there is a lot to consider. Permenant makeup can make me prettier forever, but If I fail it also stays forever.
Okay, thought about it. Screw that! I’m a do-er and nothing scares me. For all you procrastinators, let me share with you my experience:


For my eyes I also did mink hair lash extensions (0.8cm – 1.1cm)

另外補充我接的睫毛是貂毛(0.8cm – 1.1cm)的喔!

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