Stop Gifting Pineapplecakes and Traditional Taiwan Specialties! Matsu Gift Set: The Perfect Health-Conscious Present Made with Local Kaoliang Liquor!

Matsu Gift Set: The Perfect Health-Conscious Present

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OMG! Sorry if I’m here to gloat again. Are you still gifting pineapple cakes and mooncakes for the holidays? Sorry to break it to you, but these old-fashioned Taiwanese specialties loaded with sugar and fat only send one message- you wish the recipient(s) a short (and sweet?) life? This year, I received a super awesome gift set from Matsu, an island in Taiwan – and it just happened to be the solution to our family’s recent problems! Both my mom and I suffer from rare diseases, and the magical and mysterious ingredients in the German “Sauerkraut” are beneficial to our diseases. Unfortunately, sauerkraut is unlikely to be found in Taiwan. We’ve been searching like crazy for the past few years, but the closest products to sauerkraut we can find in Taiwan are the super-salty Korean kimchi that will give us kidney failure or the super-sweet Taiwanese kimchi that will give us diabetes.

One day, while I was enjoying my “me time” on the toilet, I saw a news report about the health benefits of sauerkraut and how it could become the ultimate panacea on the local news in Taiwan (damn it! The secret is out!). Of course, once the secret’s out, the product will start to appear on the market. I exchanged a look with my mom, and the mutual agreement was made without words: buy it now!

We have been incorporating sauerkraut into our diet for about a week now. I’m not showing off (well, maybe I am), but the world revolves around me. Whatever I want, I get. Just as my mom is starting to complain about German sauerkraut being too bland and craving Taiwanese kimchi instead, I reply, “Do you want diabetes?” A gigantic gift box from Matsu Store appeared at the door of our place. Our own local fermented sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) products from Matsu, Taiwan, providing the disabled and elderly family with a “Switzerland” solution that is very suitable for our sauerkraut preferences! My heart and palate are dancing already.

As our fans all know, I love sour food, so I tear open the gift box faster than you can say “sauerkraut.” The tangy aroma that comes to my nose is like a punch to the face. Of course, this punch is the kind of “sexy” punch from Fifty Shades of Grey. The amazing, rich, slightly pungent aroma makes my mouth water. I already know that this thing would be the answer to all of our family’s problems.

I started searching through the boxes and found a variety of boxes and Matsu fermented cabbage soup base. These are rare, ultra-local ingredients—not the dubious store-bought stuff. The ingredient list proves they are authentic, homemade, small-batch perfection, crafted with care by some Taiwanese fermentation wizards.

My gift box contains 3 fermented foods: two fermented sour cabbage hotpot soup bases and a box of ready-to-eat fermented sour cabbage.

I can no longer contain my excitement as I start tasting all the different varieties. Classic sauerkraut is exactly what I’ve been craving – the perfect balance of salty and tangy, with just the right amount of crunch. I take my first sip of the cabbage soup base, and, oh my God! It is a “turbo” orgasm in my mouth. The aroma is so intoxicating that I can’t help but down the whole pot.

The best part? This soup base is packed with probiotics, so not only is it beneficial to gut health, but it tastes absolutely incredible. I am squinting my eyes ambiguously and enjoying the thrill of the electricity running through my spine. With each sip, I get another orgasm.

Matsu Store’s Golden Soup Sour Cabbage Pot

Next up is the soup base in golden packaging from Matsu Store, named “Golden Soup Sour Cabbage Pot.” The moment I tore open the bag, the intoxicating aroma of the fermented cabbage soup base hit my nostrils with a hint of sweet, earthy pumpkin aroma. The sharp, pungent smell of fermented cabbage assaulted my nostrils, instantly clearing my long-clogged nose, while the velvety pumpkin texture added a soothing, comforting tone. It was as if I’d been injected with smelling salts—I felt an electric rush of excitement infuses my body.

As I look down at the plump, glistening chunks of cabbage in the rich orange pumpkin purée, my mouth begins to water uncontrollably. Vibrant green leaves, speckled with warm amber brine flecks, sparkle in the light while the pumpkins swirl mesmerizingly. I can almost see the tart juices glistening on the surface of the cabbage, begging me to take a sip, while the pumpkin tempts me with its soft, seductive colour.

I gently scoop a spoonful, feeling the rich flavour of the cabbage and the pumpkin. The texture melts in your mouth. The burst of flavour is downright explosive—the tart, tangy flavour of the cabbage floods into my mouth and sets my taste buds on fire, while the pumpkin bursts into the mix in a soothing, velvety counterpoint.

Fermented cabbage has a vibrant flavour. There’s a sharp, vinegary flavour, followed by a delicious umami flavour bubbling up from the brine depths. Next, the pumpkin’s subtle sweetness comes through, rounding out the flavour and preventing the sourness from overpowering. It is like I am experiencing a kaleidoscope of flavours, each bite revealing new and delightful combinations.

My numb chin is bathed in saliva, leaving a sense of “I don’t give a F.” The flavours dance on my taste buds. One moment, it is tart and stimulating; the next, the pumpkin contributes to making it mellow, rich, and smooth. I can’t resist and eagerly stuff the next mouthful after the next.

As I taste the cabbage and pumpkin, a contented warmth spreads throughout my body. I am transported to some country farmhouse, sitting at a shabby wooden table and enjoying hearty country food. The simple flavour evokes a feeling of comfort and nourishment, filling me with a deep, primal sense of satisfaction.

The grand finale is the sour cabbage from the Matsu Store. When I taste this simple and genius dish made from fermented and pickled cabbage with only four simple ingredients: cabbage, probiotics, Kaoliang liquor and salt, my head instantly explodes, and I turn into Einstein (luckily, my hair is braided at this point, preventing it from exploding into Einstein’s afro hairstyle). It may be the healthy food ingredients that made my IQ suddenly reach 200 because I came up with a genius idea: this Matsu gift set is the perfect gift and souvenir idea! Although pineapple cakes, tribute candies, and sun cakes have long been Taiwan’s famous specialties, they’re from the Ice Age. Modern foreigners all know the real sh*t is Taiwan’s local Kaoliang liquor, so doesn’t this Matsu gift box fermented with Taiwan’s Kaoliang make the best souvenir that is both decent and trendy? At this point, I am overwhelmed with my own genius. . . please allow me to lie down and take a breath first. . . My heart is pounding too strong.
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