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Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is a 50-acre lavish mansion and gardens of collector James Deering of Deering Harvester Company in the early nineteen-hundreds at the cost of $15 million. The structure is a National historic landmark that sits directly along the shores of Biscayne Bay.
維斯蓋亞莊園/維斯蓋亞博物館和花園(Vizcaya Museum & Garden)是一座美國佔地 50 英畝的豪宅和花園,是 1900 年代初期 Deering Harvester Company 的收藏家 及富豪James Deering 耗資 $1500 萬美元精心建造的歷史地標。

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食記 – 伊莉莎海灘咖啡館白沙灣底的網美打卡餐廳 / Review – Elisa Style House Baisha Bay Beachside Cafe / Restaurant


English Version / 英文版:
Elisa Style House Beachside Cafe is located in a dreamy environment, perfect for a sunny day outdoor Instagram shooting. Too bad the “service bug” kind of ruins the mood. Make sure to meditate and check the weather before heading to Elisa Style House Beachside Cafe.

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(此文原文為英文,由殘編在2015年7月18日發表於: […]

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(此文原文為英文,由殘編在2015年7月20日發表於: […]

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